Shoes You’ll Want To Wear Too

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Don’t you just love children’s shoes? It’s absolutely our favorite thing to shop for. We’ve spent many long hours searching for the next big thing in the competitive shoe world and our latest find has “IT SHOE” written all over it’s fabulous soul. KUURU SHOES is owned by a mom who saw a need for chic, stylish childrens shoes that can stand up to a day at the playground and beyond. She wanted comfy and fashionable all rolled into one so she designed the shoes that make up KUURU’S brilliant line herself. So smart! The colors are spectacular (just check out that shade of burgundy up there) and the details are simple yet eye catching. Love the flowers on the peep toe mary janes. If Carrie Bradshaw had a little girl, she would wear these shoes. We have KUURU’S Sophia in burgundy and they keep us looking stylish from the swing set to strolling the posh shops. Their line includes the boys too, and we can’t wait to try those out. The owner let us in on a little secret…Salma Hayek’s gorgeous little trend setter Valentia was spotted wearing a pair of KUURU’S Peytons.  Follow momma Salma’s sophisticated lead at