SlingEZee Has Us Hooked

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SlingEZee knows a thing or two about making brilliant baby slings, as they’ve been around since the 80’s. They recently revamped a few things and their new patterns and designs not only offer superb comfort but necessary style as well. We chose the sling in the stunning Chocolate Aqua Flowers and couldn’t be more pleased. Love the perfectly padded shoulder strap and rails…no back pain which keeps both baby and mommy happy. We’re very “Princess and The Pea” here at Celeb Baby Clothes…too much fabric or too little on our sling and we notice right away. We’re able to take our baby to the market, the beach and the park and he sleeps soundly in his new sling while we chase our toddler around. SlingEZee also has enough fabric to keep you discreetly covered and baby cradled while you breast feed. However, we have to admit that the first thing we fell for was their fabulous choice of fabrics…just look at the patterns and you’ll toss out the Bjorn and convert to a SlingEZee. Have a peak yourself at and after you try one out let us know what you think.