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maternity black dress

Something we’ve learned over the years is that when you are pregnant you need to maintain your sense of style. Looking fabulous and put together will get you through the most challenging moments of pregnancy. The right maternity outfit can make blemishes, weight gain and swollen feet seem minor and unimportant (for a few hours anyway). We had the pleasure of trying out the stylish designs at Olian Maternity. Their gorgeous lines and cuts just hug you in all the right places…this is no time to hide momma, show off that beautiful bump. Classy shirts, timeless dresses and fabulous sleepwear. Our favorite piece has to be their Maternity & Nursing Lounge Set. We love outfits that help you get through that awkward time after you have a baby…you need comfort, but want to look good. This is no time for old sweats and wrinkled tees. Bringing it up a notch will make 4am feedings and nap time more glamorous. We found Olian’s PJ’s comfy and definitely stylish enough to greet all those guests that stop by to see you and the baby (why does the doorbell ring just as you’re about to feed the baby? ). Perfect for breastfeeding and it comes with a chic little robe and a sweet baby sleeping gown. You’ll be the hippest mommy on the maternity ward. Get some new mommy style at


3 thoughts on “Best Dressed Mommy

  1. Okay, that dress is awful. It does nothing to flatter that gorgeous girl’s figure… if anything, it makes her look like a tick. Those sleeves make her head look ridiculously small. To their credit though, I did check out the website and they DO have some great selections.

  2. Keep the comments coming moms…Love it…we personally adore this dress, but we all have our own taste.