Fall Nessesity:Blundstone For Kids

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It’s that time of year again…the air has that familiar chill at night. Time to pack up your swimmers and sandals and pull out the warmer wardrobe. Don’t despair momma…the cool weather is just the perfect excuse you need to get some smashing boots for your tot. Our choice this fall? Blundstone. This Aussie cult fave has such a good reputation, and now they make boots for children too. Their kids line is called Blunnies and they are simply fabulous. Totally durable, sturdy and tough enough to handle just about anything your toddler does…a necessity for a truly stylish Fall wardrobe. We went for the rich chocolate brown pair, safe and classic, but the unexpected fushia pair is calling our name too. They go with just about anything, and slip on so easy…our wee one loves that she can put them on all by herself. Check out this absolute must have at www.blundstone.com and at www.blundstone.ca for our Canadian friends.