Fit For A Queen

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What makes our day? Finding gorgeous lounge clothes that make being a mommy and breastfeeding a little more comfortable and glamorous. If ya look good, you feel better…it’s a simple fact. We just heard about Queen Bee, a brilliant Aussie online boutique that has a really pretty nursing cami that we just needed to own. When you are feeding your new baby every couple of hours you need to wear clothes that provide easy access, and this classy and feminine cami does just that. Wearing attractive clothes after having a baby makes you feel special and pretty which is just what you need when you’re super tired and can’t even remember the last time you shaved your legs. We like wearing ours with black flared yoga pants, or dark capris jeans if we’re meeting the mommies for lattes. Throw a light cashmere shrug over it to dress it up a little. Love how easy the clasps open for feedings and the generous length provides extra coverage while we work off the pregnancy pounds (and hides the fact that we still eat ice cream every night). Toss that baggy tee out, you deserve better momma! See all that Queen Bee has to offer at