I’m A Smart Girl

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Our tot’s favorite thing to say these days is “I’m a smart girl!”, and we couldn’t agree with her more…and what smart girl doesn’t like to wear clothes with other smart girls on it? We are so over the “Wonderwoman retro t-shirt thing”, and thrilled to find a company making original shirts with characters that portray girls in a strong, clever and humorous way. Gohgirl makes tees, onesies and paper goods that sport modern secret agents from all over the globe. So fresh and funky and way cooler that wearing a Dora or Cinderella tee. Our favorite? Siena, the secret agent from Italy …she sports some stylish glasses and looks very smart indeed. Each shirt comes with a little blurb of your agents secret powers…so funny! Who do we think would love these tees? Why the Joilie-Pitt girls of course. Shiloh and Z would rock these tees and look hip doing so. Have a sneak peek at Gohgirl’s snazzy creations at www.gohgirl.com Watch out boys…here come some smart girls!

Oh, and P.S…they are having a major sale right now.