Playtime Was Never So Stylish

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We love playtime with baby. There’s nothing better than when your latest edition starts to show interest in new things and toys. However, we have hardwood floors, and needed a fun and comfy mat to keep playtime safe and enjoyable. So glad we found out about Wagamamababy’s fabulous Baby Zabu, a modern Japanese mat that can convert to a bassinet of sorts when you tie up the corners. We just love how versatile this mat is and the prints to choose from are beautiful¬† (we picked the Ava, perfect for a boy or girl). It makes travel so less stressful…no more packing up the playpen for family trips.¬† We’ll just bring our handy dandy Zabu. Much cleaner and heaps more stylish than a hotel crib. It rolls up super easy and can be carried over your shoulder to your next mommy and baby playdate…you’ll look chic and baby will be comfy. When your wee one has outgrown his Zabu, and you’re sure you have no more babies on the way, we think it would make a fantastic toy basket that can slip right under your couch or bed. So many uses and so hip…lucky us for owning one! See which Baby Zabu fits your baby style at