Carry Your Baby With Style

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We think of ourselves as baby carrying experts here at Celebrity Baby Clothes…front carriers, hip carriers,slings…we have tried them all. Love the idea of a front carrier, but we just couldn’t find the right one…why is it so difficult? Not all carriers are created equal…that’s for sure. We heard about Belle Baby Carriers and thought we’d give it one more go…so happy we did. We were lucky enough to try their gorgeous and organic denim front carrier…love this new trend of using denim in baby gear…chic and it goes with everything! It’s super lite weight, fits in our diaper bag, and it’s easy to use. Honest. There’s no rocket science required, as with most baby carriers. There is nothing like having baby rest facing you…we like to sniff their little head and keep them warm and toasty. Celeb mommy JULIA ROBERTS must agree, as she has been photographed wearing her baby using a stylish Belle Baby Carrier. We think Belle takes the prize in the very competitive and fussy world of baby carriers. You’ll toss that Swedish one when you and baby feel how comfy Belle is.  Check out their organic carriers at Belle Baby.