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Forget Harvard…we’ve got fancy dancy flashcards that will teach our tots all they need to know to get by in this crazy world…well maybe not everything, but they’ll certainly know what a rhombus is…even though we don’t. Tiffany Ard makes fabulous flashcards and nursery decor for the “science nerd” (her words…not ours) hiding inside you. We have to admit that even though science isn’t our forte, we love these clever sets of cards and posters. The graphics are original and keep baby interested, while you get to show off to your snooty friends that your wee one knows how to say “electromagnet”. Not too big or bulky, they’ll fit right into your diaper bag. Get smarter and see all that Tiffany has created at…..and will someone please tell us what a xylem is?


It looks like they are launching a new site, hope to hear more about this soon.