Our Top 5 Baby Cribs

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We’re starting something new here at Celebrity Baby Clothes.  Once a week we’ll give you our knowledgeable opinion on everything from cribs to baby bum cream…in a “Top 5″ format…”Top 10” if we’re feeling like a smarty pants.  Sometimes you just want a quick reference to whats hip and stylish, without all the mumbo jumbo, right?  So here we go!


#1  Oeuf Sparrow Crib (gray)  It’s easy to put together…looks chic.  Love the Euro design and it’s gray, the hottest color of the season.  Did we mention it coverts to a toddler bed?

#2 Brat Decor Casablanca Iron Crib (venetian gold color)  Yes, it’s a little “Jennifer Lopez”- ish, but it looks fabulous, in a vintage and regal kind of way.  It also converts mama, so consider that money well spent.

#3 Marcella Crib (black cherry finish)  So classy and love the antique look.  It has extra storage space in the drawers, which always comes in very handy.

#4  Ikea’s Leksvik (beech)  Hey, we are die hard Ikea fans and proud.  It’s an affordable and solid option in our troubled economic times mommy…love the stain and it converts to a toddler bed too…for under $200.  Very Euro minimalist and very hip.

#5  Nurseryworks Spindle Crib This is the crib to “wow” your mommy friends. It’s a classic take with a traditional twist.  Well worth the splurge and you’ll hand this one down to the grandkids.


Halloween Gone Couture

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We have been searching all over for the “perfect” tutu for our wee one.  Not since Carrie Bradshaw (aka Sara Jessica) wore one in the opening for Sex In The City have tutus been so hip.  We wanted something eye catching, one of a kind, stylish and whimsical all rolled into one.  Impossible?  Not once we heard about Tutu Couture, a fabulous company that hand makes their creations from yards and yards of gorgeous tulle.  They are the real deal mommies…once your little girl has tried on a Tutu Couture original, nothing else will do.  Love the endless choice of beautiful colors and styles. We went for their Honey Bee yellow and Black tutu, as it’s so close to Halloween.  It came with a set of sweet wings, a headband and the all inortant magic wand. It’s going to be perfect for those rainy day playroom dates and for trips to the parks and gardens for an impromptu fairy dance. We know some Hollywood mommies that will agree with our posh choice in tutus.  Heidi Klum, Courteney Cox Arquette, and Jenny Garth are all lucky enough to own a little Tutu Couture too. They’re sold in posh shops and chi chi stores world wide, however next time we choose Tutu Couture it will be through our favorite toy store ever, FAO Schwarz.  They offer the ultimate tutu experience through their “Design Your Own Tutu” online boutique.  You choose what you want (length,color, embellishments) and the Tutu Couture’s seamstresses hand makes it to your specifications.  How delightful is that?  The only thing better would be a sprinkle of pixy dust.  Take a look at all their stunning creations at www.tutucouture.com

Get 10% off when you use the code cbc10…you can thanks us later.


Snuggle Up Baby

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There’s nothing better than a soft blanket to snuggle under when the wind is blowing and the snow starts falling. You want something cuddly and soft for your baby with some style thrown in. We just received our new baby blanket from Shi Shu Style. It’s made of cotton and bamboo, so it’s naturally lite, breathes and is antibacterial. All the qualities you want for your baby…and if you’re a blanket snob, which we proudly are. Love the neutral and calming shades it comes in and the woven detail. Simply stunning. They work well as a comfy play mat too. Versatile, earth friendly and chic, what more do you want mommy? Ok, we’ll let you in on a secret…they made there way into the Golden Globe Gift Bags. Who knows how many celebrity babies are wrapped up in Shi Shu’s brilliant blanket. Get some Shi Shu into your nursery at www.shishustyle.com

Wear Powerful & Sexy Maternity Lingerie

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We consider ourselves experts on maternity lingerie.  After trying and wearing many creations, we think we have finally found the perfect mix of style and comfort with a little “ooh la la” thrown in.  Marlies Dekkers Undressed line of gorgeous and sophisticated lingerie just got even better…they now have a maternity collection.  If you need to ask who Marlies Dekkers is then you better brush up on your fashion knowledge momma.  Her front row was filled with celebs during Paris fashion week last month and this new maternity line just won the coveted CILA Award for Best Maternity Lingerie.  The Dutch take their undies seriously.  No pads, no wires, just super soft material that hugs in all the right places. The straps are a little wider and the clasps are very easy to open for baby’s feeding.  We were thrilled to get to try out Dekkers Starlet bra and panty set. Love the red on black…so classy with a little wink and nudge. The collection has two other selections as well.  All three will make you feel confident and strong, which is just what you need while you navigate the ups and downs of new motherhood.  Wear this sexy line at your own risk momma, as once your fella sees you in it, all bets are off.  The Undressed line can be found all over the world from Amsterdam, to Bangkok and to Montreal.  Check out her site at www.marliesdekkers.com and see what you’ve been missing.

Mommy Time…Treat Yourself To Fabulous Hair

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There is nothing worse than a bad hair day…well, maybe there are a few things that surpass it, but when your hair is a disaster, your day becomes a mess. We’ll fully admit that when our hair is looking good, our day goes better. Shallow? Maybe, but true. Now that autumn is here and Holiday season is around the corner, we are using our FHI Heat Thermal Curling Iron. We loved their flat iron so much we thought we’d give their curling iron a try. Love it! If you’re like us, you’ve only ever used a cheap drug store curling iron…boy, have we all been missing out mommies. This iron is the “creme de la creme”…we will never go back to our old ways.It heats super fast, and doesn’t dry our hair out one little bit. We’re in some pretty fancy company too as the well coiffed casts at Gossip Girl, Mad Men and Private Practice use FHI styling tools. We also heard that the precious strands on celeb mommy Christina Aguilera’s head are curled by FHI’s iron. That makes this iron even more fabulous. If that many celeb stylists trust and use it on their famous clients then it’s a must have for us at Celeb Baby Clothes.  Fix your hair up at www.fhiheat.com

Oompa + Dollhouse = Happy Mom

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It’s time to start thinking about Christmas momma….you just can’t put it off any longer. To avoid the stress and lineups, we stay clear of the mall and have been doing some shopping at Oompa Toys. We like to shop at night, online, with a yummy glass of Shiraz, when the kids are tucked in…you can’t do that at the mall. Our favorite find at Oompa? The Chalet DollHouse by Plan Toys. It’s this super cool wooden house that comes in two units, one with three floors and the second with two floors. Your wee one can use their imagination to decide how to arrange them. Love that it’s made of natural rubber wood and free of nasty chemicals. The furniture that it comes with is hip and modern…makes you want to redo your own house. So ditch the local mall mommy and sit back with you fave beverage and shop away in style like us at www.oompa.com

Even Angie Loves It!

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We love telling you “we told you so” here at Celeb Baby Clothes, so we will. Uber Super Mom Angelina Jolie was photographed by her yummy husband Brad Pitt using her Baby Belle Carrier in W magazine. Just one more thing we have in common with her! Get your own at www.bellebabycarriers.com

See our review from Sept 3/08 at http://www.celebritybabyclothes.com/2008/09/carry-your-baby-with-style/


Must Have: Maelee’s Posh Diaper Bag

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We just can’t tame our addiction to diaper bags. You can never have too many really…you need a sporty one for weekend hikes, a practical one for running errands and a fabulous one for long afternoon coffees and shopping with your friends. What kind of diaper bag do we carry on our fabulous days out with baby? A brilliant leather Maelee diaper bag in chocolate brown. It’s from their “Posh” diaper bag collection and it’s called the Chloe…pure leather luxury. It just oozes style and sophistication…just what you need when you’re having an extra difficult mommy day (can we just say that toilet training toddlers and having a newborn don’t mix).Love the rich look with functional pockets and compartments. Pair it with your best dark shades and a fancy shmancy stroller and the paparazzi will be following you. Best feature? Love that it opens up flat so we can see just what we’re looking for…cause when baby wants that teething toy, you don’t want to mess around searching. You can get them with a pink or blue lining which is a fun little touch, especially if you’re giving it as a shower gift. We plan to use ours long after baby grows up…it’s that hip. Take our knowledgeable word for it and check out Maelee’s timeless bags at www.maeleebaby.com

Hip & Trendy:Bento Lunch Boxes

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Life is complicated enough without a busy momma having to stress over making lunches for school and daycare. You want your babe’s lunch to be healthy,yummy and look scrumptious so they’ll eat it. What have we been packing our wee one’s lunch in lately? We picked up a trendy little bento box from I Love Obento, and lunch hasn’t been the same since. It’s a grown up idea made fun for kids.  Obento has some really hip picks. We chose their Honey Bee Two Tier Bento Box. Just enough room for some carrot sticks,hummus, some fancy cheese and little breads. The dividers keep the snacks separate and by using the box we’ve been using less sandwich bags (save money + the environment). We love their stylish yet sensible aluminum water bottles too. They go perfectly with the bento box. Who knew making lunch could be so much fun (and stylish?). Jazz up your toddlers lunch at www.ILoveObento.com

Kinder Cashmere: Must Have For Winter

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Denial will not make the cold weather go away momma. You have to embrace the chilly air with style and grace. How do we do that? By making sure our winter staples are classic and sophisticated…and warm too! We just received the most amazing hat and mitts from Kinder Cashmere and can not wait for the snow to start falling (did we just say that?). This uber chic company makes the most decedent cashmere must haves for your baby and toddler. Love the blue knitted mitts with needlepoint duck…so elegant,with a vintage feel. Gorgeous color and super soft. You will want to hand them down to the next baby, and your grandkids.  We hear that Katie Holmes and Naomi Watts have received Kinder’s posh layette.  Lucky mommies. Kinder Cashmere has been featured in Instyle, Ernshaw’s and US Weekly magazines, not too shabby if you ask us. No wonder Liv Tyler and Reese Witherspoon love their Kinder blankets. Inject some well deserved luxury into your tots life and pamper them like a celebrity baby at www.kinder-cashmere.com