Hatley Does It Again

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When it comes to cozy sleep wear, we look no further than our favorite Canadian store, Hatley. They never let us down, and we know that a fabulous set of jammies can make even the crankiest mommy smile. The most recent celeb known to own a few Hatley pieces is hip mommy-to-be Ashley Simpson. Our latest favorite find from Hatley? Their fabulous Apple PJ’s. They are beyond soft…so comfy I wear mine a little more than you probably should (you haven’t lived till you spend an entire day in your pajamas momma). And, yes we are not ashamed to admit we did the whole “mommy & me” thing and got our little tot some Apple PJ’S too. We look a little too cute together, and that’s OK. It makes her deliciously happy to dress the same as her mom. We think since momma Angelina is spending some quality time in NYC with her gorgeous family this week, that her girls wold look ridiculously brilliant in matching Apple jams, don’t you? What a great family shot that would be! Head on over to www.hatleystore.com and check out their photo contest while you are there. You and your wee one just might win (unless Angie enters).

Oh, and P.S…Hatley is giving 20% of your purchase to Breast Cancer Research for the month of October…brilliant!