Mommy Time…Treat Yourself To Fabulous Hair

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There is nothing worse than a bad hair day…well, maybe there are a few things that surpass it, but when your hair is a disaster, your day becomes a mess. We’ll fully admit that when our hair is looking good, our day goes better. Shallow? Maybe, but true. Now that autumn is here and Holiday season is around the corner, we are using our FHI Heat Thermal Curling Iron. We loved their flat iron so much we thought we’d give their curling iron a try. Love it! If you’re like us, you’ve only ever used a cheap drug store curling iron…boy, have we all been missing out mommies. This iron is the “creme de la creme”…we will never go back to our old ways.It heats super fast, and doesn’t dry our hair out one little bit. We’re in some pretty fancy company too as the well coiffed casts at Gossip Girl, Mad Men and Private Practice use FHI styling tools. We also heard that the precious strands on celeb mommy Christina Aguilera’s head are curled by FHI’s iron. That makes this iron even more fabulous. If that many celeb stylists trust and use it on their famous clients then it’s a must have for us at Celeb Baby Clothes.  Fix your hair up at