Snuggle Up Baby

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There’s nothing better than a soft blanket to snuggle under when the wind is blowing and the snow starts falling. You want something cuddly and soft for your baby with some style thrown in. We just received our new baby blanket from Shi Shu Style. It’s made of cotton and bamboo, so it’s naturally lite, breathes and is antibacterial. All the qualities you want for your baby…and if you’re a blanket snob, which we proudly are. Love the neutral and calming shades it comes in and the woven detail. Simply stunning. They work well as a comfy play mat too. Versatile, earth friendly and chic, what more do you want mommy? Ok, we’ll let you in on a secret…they made there way into the Golden Globe Gift Bags. Who knows how many celebrity babies are wrapped up in Shi Shu’s brilliant blanket. Get some Shi Shu into your nursery at