Wear Powerful & Sexy Maternity Lingerie

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We consider ourselves experts on maternity lingerie.  After trying and wearing many creations, we think we have finally found the perfect mix of style and comfort with a little “ooh la la” thrown in.  Marlies Dekkers Undressed line of gorgeous and sophisticated lingerie just got even better…they now have a maternity collection.  If you need to ask who Marlies Dekkers is then you better brush up on your fashion knowledge momma.  Her front row was filled with celebs during Paris fashion week last month and this new maternity line just won the coveted CILA Award for Best Maternity Lingerie.  The Dutch take their undies seriously.  No pads, no wires, just super soft material that hugs in all the right places. The straps are a little wider and the clasps are very easy to open for baby’s feeding.  We were thrilled to get to try out Dekkers Starlet bra and panty set. Love the red on black…so classy with a little wink and nudge. The collection has two other selections as well.  All three will make you feel confident and strong, which is just what you need while you navigate the ups and downs of new motherhood.  Wear this sexy line at your own risk momma, as once your fella sees you in it, all bets are off.  The Undressed line can be found all over the world from Amsterdam, to Bangkok and to Montreal.  Check out her site at www.marliesdekkers.com and see what you’ve been missing.