Baby Blanket Of the Stars

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What’s a celebrity mom’s most important accessory these days?  A fabulous baby blanket of course. We’ve noticed that the A-listers  are using Aden & Anais muslin baby blankets to keep their babies shielded from the glare of the paparazzi while running errands and jetting out of LAX.  And why wouldn’t they?  Aiden & Anais blankets are large, breathable and super hip looking.  We love how scrumptiously soft they are and how easy they make swaddling.  we’ve been using them for a while now and are super excited by the fresh new styles they have. We went with Minni Driver’s choice and chose the Mod 4Pack with wiggly worms, buzzing bees,swimming fish and delish green apples. Perfect for baby, but not too cutesy for mommy’s taste.   If you’re looking for a rock star vibe, then go for the Black & White set as Gwen Stefani did.  Solid choice if we do say so.  Love the use of black in baby gear, don’t you?  Very refreshing.  Other celeb mommies using these snazzy blankets are Naomi Watts and Tori Spelling.  For you mommies on a budget these days (who isn’t?) Aden & Anais is a really fab deal.  You get 4 for $44.  We still use our first set and they look like new.  The new designs were so cool that we just needed to have them. Have a peek at this favorite of ours at and if you like what you see then we have a coupon of $5 off your purchase.  Just use coupon code CelebrityBaby.  This coupon is good till the end of January.

Want to wrap your baby like a celebrity tot?  Aden & Anais is kindly gifting one of our fashionable readers with a set of their mush coveted muslin blankets.  Just tell us where the two moms who started this brilliant company are from and name three designs that you like from their blanket line.  E mail by December, 2 @ midnight, and we’ll pick a winner at random.  Good Luck mommies!

Modern & Chic Maternity Yoga Wear

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It’s so challenging to find stylish and comfy clothes when you are pregnant. You always seem to have to pick comfort over looking put together. Momma, we always tell you that need a wardrobe that looks and feels fabulous while you nest around the house, strike a downward dog and run out to the store for a pint of cookie dough ice cream.  It’s just a simple fact that if you look good, you feel good.  If you agree then you’ll be elated to hear about the functional and gorgeous designs from Bao Bei Maternity.  Rich colors (love the eggplant) and butter soft fabrics that accentuate your growing baby belly with the upmost of style.  Our favorite pieces from their active line?  The Crop It yoga pants and the It’s a Wrap belly top.  The pants fit just under the tummy and the cut is flattering to your growing figure.  The belly wrap is a pregnant mommy’s best friend. We love layering it under our tees for some extra coverage.  Works great after you have the baby too when things aren’t quite the way they’re supposed to be.  The fabrics are antimicrobial and wick away moisture…who knew we sweat so much while we’re pregnant?  Modeled by the gorgeous Gabrielle Reece in Fit Pregnancy magazine, and featured in Pregnancy and Newborn, Bao Bei will certainly bring your maternity wardrobe up a notch or two….or three if you’re used to living in your husbands sweats.  Go sort out the difference between om and prana while dressed up in some Bao Bei Maternity at

Milkshaxs: A Celebrity Baby Must have

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You know what you want, but you can’t quite find it.  You love the outdoors, being adventurous and braving the elements, and that Winnie The Poo tee just isn’t cutting it.  Are we close?  We felt this way too until we found Canadian clothing company MILKSHAXS last year. They make bold and unforgettable tees, hoodies, and onesies that simply rock.  Who needs Mickey when your tot can sport downhill skiers and snowboarders?  Love the fresh graphics and soft feel of the cotton and bamboo tees.  Must be why they have become a celebrity fave, as the likes of Tori Spelling and Allison Sweeney are keen to dress their tots in Milkshaxs hip gear.  We think their new pink Mountain Biker Tee made with eco friendly fabric is the ultimate in coolness.  Adventure mixed with a bit of girl fun for your little lady of the house.   Perfect gift for Christmas as the folks at Milkshaxs gift you with a free little tank top to layer along with your new funky clothes.Too perfect.  Get a look at their fab winter wear at

Feel Warm & Fuzzy With Robeez

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Robeez has launched its fourth annual Season of Giving campaign, a charitable initiative to donate shoes to infants in-need during the holiday season.

Here’s how it works: For every e-card sent from the Season of Giving website, Robeez will make a $5 product donation via its charitable partner, Kids in Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.). It’s easy: one card = $5 worth of Robeez footwear; 10 cards = $50 worth of Robeez footwear, and on and on!

A little bonus: For taking the time to send an e-card, Robeez is also offering senders a chance to win one of seven new Shoes and Socks Gift Sets. (They’re a great holiday gift idea too!)

The goal: To send a $250,000 product donation this holiday season.

The campaign starts November 10 and ends December 20. Give back by sending an an e-card from

Keep It Clean & Classy

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If you’re reading this blog you must care a smidgen about what your baby is wearing. If your care what they wear, you must also want to keep it as clean and stain free as possible. This is why a cool and stylish bib is a toddler’s most important wardrobe accessory. Where are we getting our fashionable cover ups from?  A fantastic Canadian company called Lino Living. They have created a brilliant collection of all things fabulous for your baby and home, and has become a bit of an addiction for us.  They are a must for any stylish mom looking for something original and well made. The Foodie Bib and the Play Bib are certainly worthy of the hip clothes your tot wears underneath.  Made of durable linen in rich shades of chocolate, purple, red or fushia, these bibs will make a lasting impression while you and baby lunch at The Ivy or over a lazy brunch at Balthazar’s.  The Play Bib holds all sorts of treasures to keep you two busy during the day, like crayons,a handy glue stick and a pack or two of raisins to keep going. Lino’s baby collection includes soft organic hats, silk filled duvets, comfy onesies and their famous Thai Easy Pants.  Have a look at Lino’s brilliant creations at and you’ll understand why we are truly impressed…and obsessed.

Wonderboy To The Rescue

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We never used to believe those moms that said finding stylish clothes for little boys was “impossible”.  Well…after endless hours and trips to the shops, we believe them.  Finding modern threads for your little man is exhaustling!  Thank goodness we discovered Wonderboy Clothing while on one of our hunts.  Wonderboy makes modern, and dare we say it…fearless clothes for your little boy.  Ranging in sizes 6 months to boys 10, these clothes will impress even the most fussy dresser. Love the tailored look and the urban feel to their shirts. There’s a vintage flare to the patterns and the detailing (buttons, stitching and signature tags) is brilliant.  What’s on our winter must have list from Wonderboy ?  Their “Ants In Your….” button down shirt and their henley long sleeves are simply to die for. Celeb mommies like Jada Pinkett Smith and Kelly Ripa are known to dress their young men up in Wonderboy. That’s Jayden Smith (in the pic above) Jada and Will’s son sporting a Wonderboy shirt on the red carpet. Now we will too.  Have a peek at their collection at You’ll never complain about boys clothes again.

Less Is More

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Who knew babies needed so much gear and furniture?  Playpens, bouncers and toys take up a lot of room, so when it comes to feeding time we think less is more momma.  We needed a high hair and after much careful thought went with the Space Saver from the reliable and always trustworthy Fisher Price.  This seat fits onto one of your dining room chairs, so it takes up minimal room that you were already using.  The neutral tone works in just about any decor (it doesn’t scream “look at me” or play songs) and it converts from a high chair setting to a toddler booster seat really simply.  We love that our wee one is at our level during family meal time.  Less clutter is all we want some days, and this chair makes that happen.  It’s a definite “must have” for the mommy with style and class…and with limited space.  Have a peak at this fabulous find at


Pamper Yourself Like a Celebrity Mommy

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There used to be a time when going to the spa was a weekly ritual…then it dwindled to a monthly event and now after two kids its a yearly must do.  So with such little time on our hands to get washed, scrubbed, and massaged, we were thrilled to receive the Mama Mio Smoothie Spa At Home Kit. It’s a take away version of their in house spa treatment “The Smoothy” that they offer at Ritz Carlton resort spas around the globe. Fancy! It’s perfect for pregnant mommies-to-be and for the challenging times after delivery when our skin is being put to the test.  The Spa Kit comes with three gorgeous smelling products from their celebrity coveted line:  Moisturizing Shower Cream, Body Buff and their Supernourish O Mega Body Oil.  We opened ours immediately and locked the bathroom door (no worries, the kiddies were terrorizing daddy).  We even had a fancy cup of herbal tea and lit some candles to get the full spa effect.  What a fabulous way to unwind after a hectic mommy day.  Love that Mama Mio’s creations are sulfate, paraben and petroleum free. Much safer.  Who else is as smitten as we are with Mama Mio?  The fabulous Victoria Beckham, Milla Jovovich and Tori Speling…three gorgeous mommas indeed.  We think Mamo Mio’s kits make a brilliant and affordable Christmas gift or “me” present too.

CONTEST TIME:  Go to Mam Mio’s web site (click the link below) and tell us three of their bestsellers.  You’ll win a Smoothie Spa Kit of your very own.  One winner will be picked at random.  Have your email sent to by midnight on Thursday, November 20th.  Good luck!

Best Baby Stocking Stuffer

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It’s the little things in life that matter.  Going a little bit organic everyday makes a huge difference in your overall life we think.  Start small and work your way forward.   A fabulous way to get started?  These snazzy organic hat and sock sets from Celebrity Baby Clothes favorite Kee Ka.  They are perfect for that new little bundle in your now sleep deprived life.  Kee Ka clothing has been worn on the most fashionable of Hollywood toddlers like Violet Affleck and has been featured in Instyle magazine.  These organic socks come in sets of five and are packed in Kee Ka’s signature eco friendly boxes…just add postage and perfect for mailing as is. Sure, these socks are organic and yes, they come in brilliant shades…but the best part mommy?  They actually stay on your baby’s feet.  Cross our heart.  Nothing worse then fixing your baby’s socks every two minutes.  As for the solid colored caps, they look so stylish while you take your new wee one out for a bit of fresh air.  It’s all about owning the right basics and building that organic baby wardrobe one step at a time.  Kee Ka is offering our fashionable readers 15% off their purchase.  Just use the code CELEBWEB (one time use only and you can’t combine this with other offers).  Click the link below and happy organic shopping mama!

The “It” Baby Bib

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We cannot gush enough about our new favorite thing here at Celebrity Baby Clothes.  The kerchief bibs from the uber cool kids line ZEBI has us literally drooling.  This brilliant  bib is keeping our little tot clean, dry and well dressed while he teethes and eats his way through the day.  They’re lined with exceptionally soft and absorbent cotton chenille and covered in fresh and original patterns.  We chose the Star Rider cowboy themed bib, and think our babe looks super stylish.  We also noticed that it’s a fabulous accessory for keeping your baby a little warmer while you go strolling in these cold winter months, as it covers their neck perfectly and safely.  Zebi also makes organic onesies and burp clothes that make unbelievably hip baby shower gifts.  We love their “Bucket Of Burpies”…you have to check those out.  We predict that ZEBI’S kerchief bibs are the next big thing in baby apparel…we plan to buy more before the A-List catches on.  Have a look at ZEBI’S fantastic creation’s at