Milkshaxs: A Celebrity Baby Must have

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You know what you want, but you can’t quite find it.  You love the outdoors, being adventurous and braving the elements, and that Winnie The Poo tee just isn’t cutting it.  Are we close?  We felt this way too until we found Canadian clothing company MILKSHAXS last year. They make bold and unforgettable tees, hoodies, and onesies that simply rock.  Who needs Mickey when your tot can sport downhill skiers and snowboarders?  Love the fresh graphics and soft feel of the cotton and bamboo tees.  Must be why they have become a celebrity fave, as the likes of Tori Spelling and Allison Sweeney are keen to dress their tots in Milkshaxs hip gear.  We think their new pink Mountain Biker Tee made with eco friendly fabric is the ultimate in coolness.  Adventure mixed with a bit of girl fun for your little lady of the house.   Perfect gift for Christmas as the folks at Milkshaxs gift you with a free little tank top to layer along with your new funky clothes.Too perfect.  Get a look at their fab winter wear at