UPPAbaby : Sleek & Modern Strollers

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A mom can never have too many spare diapers on hand or too many strollers we always say. You need different strollers for different days, right? A small and functional stroller is as much a necessity in a busy mommy’s life as a larger one meant for jogging and hikes. We’ve been on the hunt for the perfect umbrella stroller that will fit our urban lifestyle and we think we found it. Being a huge fan of UPPAbaby’s Vista (we’ll be handing that one down to the grand kids one day) we thought we’d try out their new G-Luxe stroller. It’s a new take on their super popular G-Lite that was a huge hit with smart and stylish celeb moms like Tori Spelling and Keri Russell. Ever since the mailman dropped it off we’ve been using our very functional G-Luxe all over town and must say we are thrilled with it. We love the smooth ride it provides while we stroll to the cafe, and that it’s so lite to carry and put in the car after an afternoon of shopping. The handles are nice and high so we’re not hunched over like we are with most umbrella strollers. We went with the stylish red Denny G-Luxe, and the brilliant color just pops, especially on a cold wet day. We think it’s perfect for traveling too. Easy to store on the plane and it reclines so baby can nap while you go exploring on your daily adventures. Affordable, hip and functional…how fabulous is that? Have a look at all of UPPAbaby’s fresh ideas and upgrade your ride like we did.