High Style & Very Hip Dresses

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What’s one thing mommies can all agree we like to do?  Dress shopping for our little girls.  No matter what kind of day you are having, finding a fabulous dress always seems to make things better.  We are absolutely swooning over the fresh creations at I Love Gorgeous.  They make original dresses that Katie Holmes would drool over and Suri would wear with style and confidence.  Think vintage meets hip with a twist of modern thrown in.  Our favorite dress has to be their Pinny.  Love the way it just flows and looks while our toddler twirls around. The sweet pockets add a smart touch and are quite functional (a three year old has to put her treasures and hair bows somewhere).  I Love Gorgeous dresses are perfect for that Easter Brunch with Grandma or that upcoming wedding this summer…or just a quiet day out with mommy filled with window shopping and chocolate croissants.  So mama, show Katie and Suri how it’s done and get dressed up in these stylish creations at I Love Gorgeous …no worries if you can’t fly over to their chic Notting Hill shop, here’s their web site (get comfy, as there’s so much to choose from) www.ilovegorgeous.co.uk

Safe Baby Bottles Worth The Fuss

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You’re life has just changed…you just had a beautiful baby and they’ve just sent you home (or kicked you out depending on how you look at it) from your comfy hospital bed.  Now what?  You’re tired and feeling slightly insane from all the round the clock business of having a new born.  How’s a momma supposed to function with little to no sleep?  We suggest you get your baby daddy on board and hire him to do at least one feeding a day, if not two.  Whatever your choice in nourishing the new little bean in your home is, breast milk or formula, you can get a few extra minutes of much needed rest if dad feeds baby too.  What type of bottles are we stocking up on?  Green To Grow lines our cupboard and has been featured in such favorite mags as Instyle and Baby Couture.  BPA-free and comfortable to hold, these bottles are super functional and fun to look at with their whimsical design. Love their new Welcome Home Set that comes with 2 small and 2 large bottles and includes different nipples for different stages for baby (they call the oldest stage “expert”…very funny).  It comes packed up in this really sweet little cardboard house complete with an organic burp cloth…too perfect for a baby shower gift if you ask us.  So mommy, put that daddy to work while you dream of that mani pedi you so richly deserve.  Add some Green to your baby’s menu at www.greentogrow.com

Sling Snob

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We are utterly addicted to finding the perfect baby sling. You could say we’re obsessed. We have tried out more slings than anyone ought to be allowed to and yes…we are very picky. We stumbled upon Serena & Lily’s Market Baby Sling when we saw pics of Nicole Kidman strolling through London with baby Sunday Rose wrapped up in their luxurious creation. Just look at the hand embroidered details and gorgeous shades of fabric they use…very drool worthy. We were also super impressed with how soft the organic lining is and that there are no snaps, rings or straps…just slip it on and away you go. Quite honestly it’s the baby sling we get the most compliments on while we stroll to the park and through the shops. Other hip celebs that make this classy sling a baby must have are Ethan Hawk, and Camila Alves. If you’re thinking of getting this sling for a baby shower gift you should know that it comes packaged in the most posh little box…makes all the difference and adds some “Ohh and Ahh” to your gift. Have a look at Serena & Lily’s fabulous collection at www.serenaandlily.com

Scoot In Style

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Ever get a twinge of mommy guilt while you watch your little crawler scooting around the house bumping and scraping his knees from room to room?  We have and we’re sure you have too.  We’ve discovered something that may just melt that troublesome mommy guilt away…well, some of it anyway.  Silikids makes these absolutely brilliant fabric and silicone knee pads that come in four vibrant color combos. These knee pads are made of toxin free and hypoallergenic material,which helps with that pesky mom guilt again. They have kept our new little mover and shakers knees boo boo free. They have a modern hip look too, perfect for playdates.  Best past momma?  They can be tossed in the washer and dryer…fabulous! Love Silikids bibs and baby bottles too.  They’ve been added to our “must have ” list.  Check our these smart silicone creations at www.silikids.com

Happy Little Bums

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We’re having a “why didn’t we think of that” feeling after testing out our latest fabulous find.  Bummas are these vibrantly colored, reusable clothes that are making diaper time way less stressful in our house.  They were created by this genius mom who wanted to protect her babe’s bum from diaper rash and her own clothes from rogue shots of flying pee. Bummas are for patting baby’s bottom dry after the wipes leave it all wet. We think they’re fabulous enough to get two packs and use one in the bathroom for bath time washcloths (is it just us or do face cloths seem ginormous when you are washing up a 6 week old?). Perfect for washing up little faces after meal time too.  Have we gushed enough already?  Clean up with these posh and environmentally smart cloths at www.bummas.com

Spring Clothes That Will Brighten Your Day

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With all this cold weather and snow, our thoughts are on warmer and sunnier places.  Cabo…Miami…anywhere but freezing cold here.  Time to start getting our spring and summer wardrobe in check and we thought we’d start with Sugar Free Baby. We needed a few fabulous threads to pack for our winter break and we thought you would too.  Love Sugar’s fresh 2009 line, especially the the bohemian-like Ruffle Jumper for girls and the Dino Tank Top for boys( or a sassy little girl who likes to say it with a T-Rex).  Both creations are organic and made with eco friendly dies in the States.  Perfect for the A-list crowd ( Hello Gwyneth) and mommies interested in “greening” their baby’s closets.  Can’t wait to dress the kids up in these stylish designs on some white sand beaches this Spring.  Get some Sugar Free Baby for your wee one at www.sugarfreebaby.com

French Style You Can’t Live Without

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We’re always on the look out for the latest and most fabulous baby gear and childrens toys.  We heard about Cocoboheme from a chic and savvy reader and we’re smitten.  Have you heard about their uber cool biodegradable bibs?  Made in France, these bibs are waterproof and wipeable with a sponge.  They come in three hip designs that will appeal to you and your tot (even if she is a fussy 2 year old with miles of style).  Love the pig and the hen the most, but the green froggy is pretty smart looking too. These bibs are made without any harmful chemicals and make a fabulous baby shower gift with a huge “wow’ factor.  We also love their chalkboard stickers, a necessity for a hip and modern playroom.  They come in all sorts of fun and whimsical animal shapes that look fab wherever you decide to put them. We like ours in the kitchen so we can play with our tot while supper gets cooked.  Add some French style to your home and visit www.cocoboheme.com

Celebrate Chinese New Year In Style

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We LOVE Redfish Clothing…their dresses are to D.I.E for.  All you Canadian readers are super lucky…and for the rest of you, we’d have to say this sale is worth the flight.
Redfish Kids Clothing


All Clothing 20% OFF Retail

Thursday the 29th, 2009

6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

3244 W. 3rd Ave. Vancouver

*Custom orders included


Mommy Style Essential: LAmade

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In times like these a mom needs to look good without spending the big bucks.  You want your hip style to shine through, but don’t wanna break the bank before baby is born.  Our new “go to” place for fabulous clothes at reasonable prices is LAmade.  This favorite brand of super chic mommies like Katie Holmes, and Jessica Alba is well known for it’s modern basics and wardrobe essentials.  We have been lucky enough to get to try out their much anticipated new maternity line and their brilliant kids clothing.  Love the soft cotton and how easy their pieces are to pair with items already in your closet.  The fit is amazing and oh so flattering . Love the flirty dresses in both their regular collection and pregnancy line as they are easy to dress up for a date or pair with some flats and sunglasses for a day of errands and lattes.  No longer do you have an excuse to dress frumpy while expecting because LAmade makes it too easy to look gorgeous and be comfy.  The kids collection is just as brilliant from the must have hoodies to the hip striped tees.  They’ll add an element of true style to your kid’s closet.  Infuse some LAmade into your outfit at www.lamade.net