Mommy Style Essential: LAmade

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In times like these a mom needs to look good without spending the big bucks.  You want your hip style to shine through, but don’t wanna break the bank before baby is born.  Our new “go to” place for fabulous clothes at reasonable prices is LAmade.  This favorite brand of super chic mommies like Katie Holmes, and Jessica Alba is well known for it’s modern basics and wardrobe essentials.  We have been lucky enough to get to try out their much anticipated new maternity line and their brilliant kids clothing.  Love the soft cotton and how easy their pieces are to pair with items already in your closet.  The fit is amazing and oh so flattering . Love the flirty dresses in both their regular collection and pregnancy line as they are easy to dress up for a date or pair with some flats and sunglasses for a day of errands and lattes.  No longer do you have an excuse to dress frumpy while expecting because LAmade makes it too easy to look gorgeous and be comfy.  The kids collection is just as brilliant from the must have hoodies to the hip striped tees.  They’ll add an element of true style to your kid’s closet.  Infuse some LAmade into your outfit at

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  1. So do we! Very comfy and a reasonable price too. thanks for the comment Denise!

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