Safe Baby Bottles Worth The Fuss

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You’re life has just changed…you just had a beautiful baby and they’ve just sent you home (or kicked you out depending on how you look at it) from your comfy hospital bed.  Now what?  You’re tired and feeling slightly insane from all the round the clock business of having a new born.  How’s a momma supposed to function with little to no sleep?  We suggest you get your baby daddy on board and hire him to do at least one feeding a day, if not two.  Whatever your choice in nourishing the new little bean in your home is, breast milk or formula, you can get a few extra minutes of much needed rest if dad feeds baby too.  What type of bottles are we stocking up on?  Green To Grow lines our cupboard and has been featured in such favorite mags as Instyle and Baby Couture.  BPA-free and comfortable to hold, these bottles are super functional and fun to look at with their whimsical design. Love their new Welcome Home Set that comes with 2 small and 2 large bottles and includes different nipples for different stages for baby (they call the oldest stage “expert”…very funny).  It comes packed up in this really sweet little cardboard house complete with an organic burp cloth…too perfect for a baby shower gift if you ask us.  So mommy, put that daddy to work while you dream of that mani pedi you so richly deserve.  Add some Green to your baby’s menu at