Scoot In Style

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Ever get a twinge of mommy guilt while you watch your little crawler scooting around the house bumping and scraping his knees from room to room?  We have and we’re sure you have too.  We’ve discovered something that may just melt that troublesome mommy guilt away…well, some of it anyway.  Silikids makes these absolutely brilliant fabric and silicone knee pads that come in four vibrant color combos. These knee pads are made of toxin free and hypoallergenic material,which helps with that pesky mom guilt again. They have kept our new little mover and shakers knees boo boo free. They have a modern hip look too, perfect for playdates.  Best past momma?  They can be tossed in the washer and dryer…fabulous! Love Silikids bibs and baby bottles too.  They’ve been added to our “must have ” list.  Check our these smart silicone creations at