Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

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OK mommies, it’s time to wake up. We know you’re tired and that the extra glass of Merlot from last night is causing some difficulties today, but you have a job to do…get that kid up and dressed. We are coping much better with this now that we’re brewing some fine coffee every morning with our fancy dancy Keurig Platinum Brewer. No we haven’t given up our daily stroll down to the local cafe, but we can now start the day with a very yummy organic dark roast or a “cupa” if we please, in the comfort of our fuzzy slippers and pink rollers. One button to press and we are ready to go with this single cup brewer. Love the stylish look and the simplicity of the whole thing. Great for entertaining too, as everyone always seems to prefer a different blend or taste. Now you have no excuse for being so tired that you dressed your tot in last years skinny jeans. Wake up like us at www.keurig.com