You Need These Bibs

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Nothing drives us nuts more that a baby bib that doesn’t do it’s job,  Some bibs even make things messier and more difficult to clean up.  We’re so happy we found Giggles Bibs when we had our first little tot.  It makes this time round with a super messy little boy very manageable and stress free.  Love the funky and modern patterns used and the durable feel of the bib itself.  We still have bibs from almost two years ago that are in fabulous shape.  This time we chose the Japanese Goldfish and the Blue Dots.  Both are very swanky and have handy pockets to catch all the toast and cheerios that would normally fall to the floor.  You can choose different trims and they’re very simple to wash.  Just toss them in with your dishes and hang to dry, though sometimes we toss ours in the washer when baby has eaten something extra messy.  So toss all those flimsy bibs out that make life more difficult because you need to know how fabulous a baby bib can be at

Just thought you’d like to know that since we last featured Giggles Bibs the owner has started making and selling handmade mini tag blankets.  Perfect for keeping baby busy while strapped in a car seat and while mommy steals a second to check her email.