Indulge In Paigelauren Baby

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We have spoiled ourselves so much that nothing but the best will do…so thank goodness our package from Paigelauren Baby arrived in the mail the other day. We needed a luxury fix and we got it. Paigelauren makes the softest baby clothes we have ever felt…honest. Like butter. Debuting their fresh Fall line this past September, Paigelauren is getting a name as the brand to go for if you want style, comfort and baby clothes that are timeless. Love the classic lines, detailed stitching and practicality of the onesies, cardigans and rompers. The kimono long sleeve tee in rose is absolutely gorgeous and looks fabulous alone or layered over one of their classic white tees. can’t wait to see the Summer 2009 collection with it’s hip beach theme. Paigelauren’s modern and stylish clothes are designed and made in LA and sold in posh stores such as Nieman Marcus. We think you’ll agree that this line is worth all the fuss as you’ll be able to pass it down to the next baby due to the clothes fine quality and timeless look. They also have an organic collection for eco conscience babies. Go to and just try to leave without owning some Paigelauren…you won’t be able to.


Necessary Basics

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With these hard economic times upon us we need to work with what we have in our children’s wardrobes. Having essential basics makes this so much easier mommy. For instance…that cute little tunic that you think is only good for warm weather? Paired with a proper long sleeved tee and solid cotton pants and it’s perfect for chilly end of February days. Also, that great plaid shirt that’s a must have for any Spring collection would look even more fabulous and pulled together over a vibrant tee. We get our mix and match solids from Rattled, a fresh new company that has the softest organic cotton tees, hats, onesies and pants at affordable prices and with understated style. Love the color palate they are working with. Our must have? Well, yellow is the color of 2009, so we think stocking up on yellow tees is key to a fashionable and happy look. Also a necessity is the classic black tee and pants…not together but separately. A black tee layered under a little sweater is a hip look that never gets old. Have a peek at all of their designs at

Need some basics to get started? Email us at and tell us your 2 favorite colors from Rattled’s line, and we’ll send you a short sleeve shirt, pant and hat …complete outfit with your choice of size and color. We’ll pick one random winner Friday by midnight…good luck mommas!

Tea Time

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We have heard mommies gush about about the fabulous designs at Tea Collection and needed to know what all the fuss was about. If it’s good enough for Suri Cruise then it’s worth checking out, right?  When the package arrived we couldn’t open it fast enough. Gorgeous dresses spilled out in stunning colors.  The detailing is so impressive, with the the empire waists, shirred shoulders and puffed cap sleeves. This is one Spring collection to stock up on as the designs are just so hip and modern.  Tea Collection takes it’s philosophy of bringing cultures together very seriously and travels the globe in search of textiles and colors that will inspire us. This year they showcased Brazil and Japan with brilliant results.  Our favorites have to be the Sebastiao Striped Shorts for boys and the girl’s Rio Blouse.  Sophisticated clothes that are very comfy and perfect for play and fancy lunches out with mommy.  Add some Tea to your wee one’s collection at

Wash Up In Comfort & Style

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We absolutely love, love, love Aden & Anais, and we have gushed about their muslin baby blankets numerous times.  Best blankets EVER…hands down.  We’ve been fortunate enough to get to test out their posh wash cloths.  Made of super soft muslin that’s waffled for a really gentle feel.  These cloths will cause you to toss the rest in the bin.  Perfect for newborns, as they have no rough spots.  We even swiped two from the baby and use them for “mommy’s at home facial night”…they just have such a luxurious and spa-like feel.  These fancy shmancy cloths last forever and come in packs of three for $18, a steal for such fabulousness. Smarty pants celeb moms like Isla Fisher and Tori Spelling are well known Aden & Anais fans like us.  Get yourself and baby some all natural muslin at


Why Yes, I have Been Working Out

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Now that the holidays are well over and Valentines Day is a mess of red chocolate boxes shoved under your unmade bed, don’t you think it’s time to take control and do something that makes you look (hot) and feel better? We felt the same way and started using our Bootcamp For Butts gift pack from the super fabulous Mama Mio. A celeb fave (Tori and Christina are known fans) and must have, Mama Mio has been our best friend since we had our first baby. These ladies know skin care and have created a line that keeps mamas and mamas-to-be looking gorgeous and more importantly feeling better. The Bootcamp For Butts has been our daily ritual for 30 days and we must say our bum has never looked better (well, perhaps when we were 17, but that’s another story). The brilliant kit comes with a yummy exfoliator, a necessary toner for your tummy and this brilliant cream called Shrink To Fit. It smells delish and really makes your cellulite appear less “cellulity”. We can’t even find places on our bottom that we used to fuss about…where did the cellulite go? Beauty bible Elle magazine added it to there 50 Hero Products list. We agree. Bootcamp also includes a quick exercise program that makes your bum toned and looking very “pre baby-ish”. This little miracle box paired with diligent application helped us get beach ready and feel in control of our saggy bits.

Want a new bum for the summer? Well we can’t promise quite that, however we can help you smooth, tone and feel pretty with our contest giveaway. Go to the Mama Mio product page  and tell us 3 products you’ve used or would like to use from Mama Mio and email us at We’ll send one random and lucky winner a Bootcamp For Butts. It’s that easy…good luck!

New Undies For Mommy

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Yes, yes, we all know that Saturday is Valentines day…did you forget? Probably not enough time to get out shopping for a little va va voom, but don’t sweat it momma.  We have a solution and like to think that any old Monday night or Wednesday afternoon can be just as special as Valentines Day.  You just need to invest in the right piece for your lingerie wardrobe to turn any day into Valentines.  We think the most fabulous place to do that is Marlies Dekkers.  This uber chic Dutch company has the most to die for bras and panties.  We adore this celeb fave line and think the Stolen Kisses collection (inspired by Romeo & Juliet no less) is the perfect reason to ditch the white briefs and “mom” bra for the night.  They sell their gorgeous designs all over the world, so no one needs to feel left out.  Have a look at their risque yet classy styles at Once again, don’t blame us for that little bundle of joy nine months after you slip into Marlies’s lingerie. They sell maternity styles as well, so you’ll be prepared.

Most Wanted Maternity Tee: 2Chix

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Hey mommies, just a quicky to let you know that 2Chix is having a fab sale on their hip and clever tees.  Our fave?  Knocked Up of coarse! Infuse some celeb style into your maternity wardrobe like us.

Pick up one or two at and save 20% with discount code: LOVEBUN now thru 2/28.

Sun Sand & Swimsuits

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For those lucky enough to escape the winter blahs for a week or so, this review is for you.  Everyone else?  Summer is not far off (really) and you’ll be smart to get a head start on baby’s summer wardrobe.  We have stocked our getaway beach bag with swimwear and sunglasses from the sun protection experts at Baby Banz.  This fabulous company is based in hot & sunny Perth Australia, so you know they have sun protection all sorted out.  We went all out and got our wee one some “sunnies” in the Pink Reto Diva style.  So hip and they just ooze cool sophistication…and yes they do all that other super important protection from evil UV rays. For the little man of the house we got him some hip red shades that will keep him safe and stylish when we hit the beach.  Both pairs have adjustable straps that keep the glasses comfortable and safe from falling off in the waves.   We paired these glasses with Baby Banz’s functional and stylish swimwear.  Love that the swimsuits have UV protection built in. No burns on our babies. The white flowers on the pink set adds just enough girly fun for our tot.  Rashies and shorts really are the way to go mommas…easy to put on and take off (can we say potty break?) and they cover your babe up so well.  They ship all over the world for us not lucky enough to swim at Bondi Beach. Check out this fab Aussie company for style and sun protection at

Win A Celeb Favorite Diaper Bag

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We just love it when a favorite tried and true company comes out with new baby gear.  Makes our day.  Bumble Bags are well known for their signature designs and A-list clientele.  We personally could spot a Bumble diaper bag across a crowded playground with twenty kids running around even before we sipped our morning latte…they are that fabulous and distinctive.  We’ve had the pleasure of testing out Bumble’s hip new addition called the Busy Bee Backpack.  It’s three bags in one as it converts easily (even daddy will be able to do it) from a backpack to a messenger to a stroller bag.  Very versatile, which always makes us happy.  Love the quilted detailing and the inclusion of a snack bag…mommy gets hungry too.  The fabric is water and stain resistant and it’s machine washable.  The gorgeous lining and detachable change pad are super soft and add a splash of drama to this already stylish bag. The Busy Bee makes us smile and after a long day of dirty diapers, runny noses and potty trips, that’s saying a lot.  Check out this diaper bag company that has Naomi Watts and Cheryl Crow looking oh so chic and very organized at The Bumble  Collection

CONTEST ALERT!!!!!  Yes, you can thank us later, after you win a Bumble Bag of your own.  We have one very stylish Busy Bee Backpack to give to one fabulous reader.  Tell us your two favorite bags that the Bumble people create and we will enter your name in our random draw.  Email your answer to by Feb 13th  at midnight.  Good luck!

Yes, These Dresses Are Fabulous

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It’s that time of year when we start our hunt for hip and styish dresses for the wee girl of the house. The best part is finding a gorgeous dress and wearing it on any old day…it’s better to be over dressed then under (or so our mother always used to say).  We keep going back to our brilliant find, Redfish Clothing.  Remember us gushing about them a few months back?  Well now they have some new 2009 designs and we are still in awe of their timeless creations.  Our latest covet is Redfish’s Butterfly Swing Dress…so perfectly classy and very versitile.  We’ll pair ours with a tee and leggings until the weather warms up, and then just with some sweet flats when the sun finally comes out.  The yellow butterflies in the pattern add just enough pizazz for your wee one’s next birthday party or lunch date with the ladies.  Yellow is THE color of the season we hear.  What else caught our eye?  Their funky Kimono Onesies for baby.  Something you’d picture Gwen’s little Zuma Nesta wearing while rocking out with mom on her upcoming tour.  Love the detailing on the sleeves and how soft it feels the more you wash it.  Have a look at all their utterly gorgeous threads at