Why Yes, I have Been Working Out

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Now that the holidays are well over and Valentines Day is a mess of red chocolate boxes shoved under your unmade bed, don’t you think it’s time to take control and do something that makes you look (hot) and feel better? We felt the same way and started using our Bootcamp For Butts gift pack from the super fabulous Mama Mio. A celeb fave (Tori and Christina are known fans) and must have, Mama Mio has been our best friend since we had our first baby. These ladies know skin care and have created a line that keeps mamas and mamas-to-be looking gorgeous and more importantly feeling better. The Bootcamp For Butts has been our daily ritual for 30 days and we must say our bum has never looked better (well, perhaps when we were 17, but that’s another story). The brilliant kit comes with a yummy exfoliator, a necessary toner for your tummy and this brilliant cream called Shrink To Fit. It smells delish and really makes your cellulite appear less “cellulity”. We can’t even find places on our bottom that we used to fuss about…where did the cellulite go? Beauty bible Elle magazine added it to there 50 Hero Products list. We agree. Bootcamp also includes a quick exercise program that makes your bum toned and looking very “pre baby-ish”. This little miracle box paired with diligent application helped us get beach ready and feel in control of our saggy bits.

Want a new bum for the summer? Well we can’t promise quite that, however we can help you smooth, tone and feel pretty with our contest giveaway. Go to the Mama Mio product pageĀ  and tell us 3 products you’ve used or would like to use from Mama Mio and email us at celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com. We’ll send one random and lucky winner a Bootcamp For Butts. It’s that easy…good luck!