Yes Mommy…You Need These Baby Legs

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We have a few absolute addictions here at Celebrity Baby Clothes and one of them is Baby Legs, those sweet little leg warmers made for toddlers and babies.  It’s not just because they are worn by the cool kids at the playground like Kingston Rossdale and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, although that does help.  We love them because they really do keep our tots arms and legs warm and looking stylish.  Once we saw Baby Legs Kiss Me Gift Set we had to try them out. Perfect for Valentines or days you just need a little extra love and warmth.  We’ve been mixing and matching ours and think it makes a fresh and hip change from the everyday blah February.  Who doesn’t need a little dash of red and pink to start up the day?  A great alternative to wrestling baby into a snowsuit for quick trips to the market…layer with these leg warmers and you two are good to go. Also droolicious is their green striped Pot O’ Gold Baby Legs, a natural choice for St Patrick’s day and just about any day in between.  We’ve been fans since we can remember and our Baby Legs from way back are still looking fabulous.  They wash and wear like a dream…we swear on nap time.  Anymore gushing and we’d be guilty of nagging, so just check them out for yourself at

Want to win a pair of Pot O’ Gold Baby Legs? Name your three favorite styles in an email to us at by Friday at the strike of midnight.  You may just win and get addicted like we are.