Yes, These Dresses Are Fabulous

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It’s that time of year when we start our hunt for hip and styish dresses for the wee girl of the house. The best part is finding a gorgeous dress and wearing it on any old day…it’s better to be over dressed then under (or so our mother always used to say).  We keep going back to our brilliant find, Redfish Clothing.  Remember us gushing about them a few months back?  Well now they have some new 2009 designs and we are still in awe of their timeless creations.  Our latest covet is Redfish’s Butterfly Swing Dress…so perfectly classy and very versitile.  We’ll pair ours with a tee and leggings until the weather warms up, and then just with some sweet flats when the sun finally comes out.  The yellow butterflies in the pattern add just enough pizazz for your wee one’s next birthday party or lunch date with the ladies.  Yellow is THE color of the season we hear.  What else caught our eye?  Their funky Kimono Onesies for baby.  Something you’d picture Gwen’s little Zuma Nesta wearing while rocking out with mom on her upcoming tour.  Love the detailing on the sleeves and how soft it feels the more you wash it.  Have a look at all their utterly gorgeous threads at