A Bib Full Of Style & Function

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We just love baby gear that is made by a family run company.  The quality of the product and customer service is heaps better, don’t you think?  We love the bibs (bibbies as they like to call them) from Dilly Dally, a truly fabulous company that has taken wearing bibs to a new level.  Well…bib is an understatement really, as these ones cover your tot front and back, are reversible and looks super brilliant.  The fabric is quilted and the patterns are “oh so” gorgeous.  You can tell that lots of love goes into these bibs and their creation. Dilly Dally’s new Spring line is full of color and options that should please the wee one as well as you, the stylish mommy.  Our tot’s been wearing her bib for baking, meal time and finger painting on rainy afternoons.  It washed like a dream and looks good as new after all we’ve been putting it through.  Although we have been wearing it to protect our little girls clothes, it’s often the nicest thing she is wearing…go figure!  Definitely celeb worthy and one of our most favorite finds yet.  Get one at www.dillydallychic.com to catch all the dribbles or just show off at your next play date.

Fantastic news mommas….you too can own a bibbie from Dilly Dally if you tell us 2 of your favorite styles from their new Spring line.  Email your answer to celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com by Friday at midnight. Good Luck!


Hip Sippy

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Now that it’s Spring we’re out and about so much more.  The playground may be wet and muddy but we’re not staying home.  We needed a new water bottle to take to the park and heard about the gorgeous colors Klean Kanteen has going on right now.  Love the pink and ocean blue shades the most.  So different from the everyday and completly free of any cartoon characters. I suppose though the most important thing to note about Klean’s line of really cool sippy cups is that they are eco friendly and BPA free.  No leaching dangerous chemicals to stress over, or worry about.  Perfect for our on the go lifestyle.  We chose to get ours from Parenting By Nature, a fabulous family owned company that has tons of amazing eco friendly baby products at www.parentingbynature.com.  You may just end up with more than a few sippy cups…like we did.


Too Posh For Words

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Plain Mary has got to be the most fabulous line of baby gear we’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.  The simple and elegant designs and posh extras makes it suitable for the mommy who knows quality and style and will not settle for anything less.  What did we choose to spoil our little pumpkin (and ourselves) with?  Plain Marys signature Kensington Play mat.  Quilted micro sued fabric that’s as soft as it is rich looking.  We went with the deep chocolate brown and ivory stitched bear.  You can have it monogrammed with babe’s name if you like too. Not only is it celeb worthy, but we’re sure it’s fit for future king’s and queens to play on too . Brad and Angie along with Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez (she’ll always be Jenny from the block to us) all have a little Plain Mary sprucing up their baby’s nursuries too.  We think this mat is worth the investment and know you’ll be passing it onto future generations…it’s that fabulous.  At least Jenny and I think so.  Add some classy and understated style to your baby’s play time with the upscale designs at www.plainmary.com

Once you’re done drooling over all their creations, take a few moments to enter our fabulous contest…you can win a Kensington play mat of your own.  Yes…you heard us.  We have one to give away.  Tell us three other products from Plain Mary you love and we will enter your name in a random draw.  Send your email to celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com by Sunday at midnight. Good Luck mommies!

Hair Clips That Impress

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All we want are hair clippies that stay put. Is that too much to ask?  Give us that one little peace of happiness and our day, no matter what is thrown at us, will be A-OK.  Nothing drives us more nuts than constantly having to adjust our little girl’s barrettes. Why oh why do we think that drug store hair accessories will work?  Does Jennifer Garner have these problems?  Thanks goodness our style spies have let us know about Bugalug, a fantastic Canadian company that makes hair clips that stay put in the most divine patterns.  They have this amazing little grippy strip that keeps it from falling out and they make their clips glue free. Love the Berry Delight set the most.  As for their pony holders…well they are the only ones that have ever stayed in my wee ones super fine hair.  Honest.  So toss out the clips that don’t work momma…who needs the drama or fuss?  Tidy up your daughter’s tresses with classy hair accessories from the experts at Bugulug at www.bugalugbaby.com

Healthy & Yummy

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Can something really be healthy and yummy?  Until last night the answer was NO!  Then we whipped together a super easy baking mix from Kids Central Kitchen and it was almost too tasty for words.  Most baking mixes fall flat or have too much sugar to give to your children but Kids Central makes mixes with whole grains, and less fat and sugar, so your “mommy guilt” can take a break for the day.  Our three year old loved helping and the easy instructions made it a family fun activity. It was messy and delicious…all things a toddler loves. Best mix in our slightly high maintenance opinion is the Swinging Monkey Banana Bread.  Made with organic whole wheat flour and so delightful that sharing became a bit of a problem at one point.  After the kids have had some, make sure you have some “me” time when they are napping and pour a large cup of steaming tea to have with your banana bread.  Love their gift sets too…bright colored bowls and cookie cutters…perfect gift for a little chef-to-be or a tired mommy that wants to feed her kids well.  Have a look at all their scrumptious creations at www.kidscentralkitchen.com.  Move over Betty…there’s a new Kid in town.

Fabulous Spring Time Accessory

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It’s a given that baby will get bumps and bruises from learning to walk and crawl.  Especially if you have wood floors.  We’ve been minimizing our little terrors scrapes with these hip little leg huggers from Canadian owned company Agoo.  They come in the sweetest designs and are made of eco friendly bamboo.  So cool.  Did we mention there are unbelievably affordable?  Only $10 a pair…yes really.  Our favorite pattern?  The Butterfly Meadow.  So girly, and perfect for Spring.  We like wearing ours on long family strolls too as it’s not exactly Spring like weather out there yet mama.  Save the environment and your babe’s legs at www.agoo4u.com

Hip & Comfy Maternity Clothes

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Getting dressed while pregnant can be a major feat…getting stylishly dressed while pregnant can be near impossible.  It’s so easy to toss on an old sweatshirt and jogging pants (not that you’re really going to jog…).  However, if you let us introduce you to our new favorite find, we’re sure you will find getting ready in the AM a little easier and way more fun.  We just discovered the tres fab maternity threads at Ingrid & Isabel.  So brilliant they are, that we predict you will be wearing their signature leggings your entire nine months and beyond.  We have been sporting their Essentials Collection…an absolute must have for hip mommies-to-be.  It comes with their brill leggings, two tanks and a pair of super flattering pants.  One of the tank tops is ruched and all we can say is that a shirt with ruching when you are pregnant is just as important as satisfying that chocolate craving at midnight.  We also have their BellaBand and can’t rave about it enough.  It fits under your shirt around your growing belly and lets you get more wear out of your pre pregnancy clothing.  You can leave your pants unbuttoned and wear that fave tee that’s just a wee bit too short and still look and feel well put together. The shades to choose from are all gorgeous, but the Petal Pink has us swooning.  It’s a maternity wardrobe staple in our house.   Have a look at this celeb favorite collection at  www.ingridandisabel.com

We’re back!!!

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Have we been keeping you in suspence?  Sorry for the delay in reviews this past two weeks, however we have been reasearching and trying out TONS of new gear for you while we had a little vacation.  We’re back and better than ever….mommy needed a little rest!


Celeb Baby Clothes

Stay Warm, Stylish & Green

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What’s our latest craving here at Celebrity Baby Clothes?  The hip, fashionable and very functional kid’s threads at Patagonia.  Sure, us mommies and daddies have been wearing our trusty jackets and hats from Patagonia for years, but just recently we were lucky enough to get see see how brilliant and versatile their high performing children line is.  Since it’s still really cold in this neck of the woods we went with their Baby Micro D-Luxe Cardigan.  Such a great little coat that can be layered or as it gets a little warmer, worn alone.  It’s beyond soft, and comes in some great vibrant colors.  It’s made with recycled materials so you’re helping out our dear Mother earth as well as keeping your baby warm and dressed quite snazzy.  Our favorite find is the Baby Range Pants.  Perfect for any active family that loves to get a little sun on their face and smell the fresh outdoors. Our tots have been getting their new pants dotted with mud and salt water these days.  No worries though, as these pants wash and wear like a dream… a mothers dream anyway.  The muted colors match just about anything you already have.  We like them for traveling.  Also, check out their highly recommended Baby Synchilla Cardigan.  It’s also made of recycled materials and has kept our baby very snug and warm these chilly days when we go for our daily stroll.  We’ll be saving this one to hand down.  Who’s been caught wearing some Patagonia these days?  We already knew that James Wilkie was a fan, but just recently we saw a picture of Malia Obama sporting one of Patagonia’s fresh winter hats. You can’t get any more A-List than that momma.  Check out their fab winter wear and sweet Spring line (LOVE that Apron dress for toddlers!) and let us know what you think.  We’re interested.

Better Than Ever: The Ergo Sport

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Just when we thought Ergo had it all figured out, they go and create yet another carrier that this time for sure has it all.  They call it the Ergo Sport and it’s fabulous mommas. This sleek model is a poly cotton combo that lets more air flow so baby and mommy stay cooler.  They’ve also  added some length to the waist belt and the shoulder straps with this particular style.  Great for families that need to adjust the size of their carrier a lot.  The modern black with white stitching is perfect…messes are easily disguised until you can get home to wash it and black goes with everything.  Celebrity moms Julia Roberts and Amanda Peet have been snapped many times by the paparazzi wearing their babies in Ergo Carriers. They probably love that Ergos come with hoods to cover baby up when it’s nap time and when the paparazzi are lurking about.  We got our Ergo from the uber fabulous Parenting By Nature, a family owned company that really supports using eco friendly baby gear and recycling.  Have a look at their well chosen products at www.parentingbynature.com