Better Than Ever: The Ergo Sport

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Just when we thought Ergo had it all figured out, they go and create yet another carrier that this time for sure has it all.  They call it the Ergo Sport and it’s fabulous mommas. This sleek model is a poly cotton combo that lets more air flow so baby and mommy stay cooler.  They’ve also  added some length to the waist belt and the shoulder straps with this particular style.  Great for families that need to adjust the size of their carrier a lot.  The modern black with white stitching is perfect…messes are easily disguised until you can get home to wash it and black goes with everything.  Celebrity moms Julia Roberts and Amanda Peet have been snapped many times by the paparazzi wearing their babies in Ergo Carriers. They probably love that Ergos come with hoods to cover baby up when it’s nap time and when the paparazzi are lurking about.  We got our Ergo from the uber fabulous Parenting By Nature, a family owned company that really supports using eco friendly baby gear and recycling.  Have a look at their well chosen products at

One thought on “Better Than Ever: The Ergo Sport

  1. These baby carriers are pretty good. And Ergo looks pretty cool and safe. They are not so popular in US but they are in Europe. I remember myself carrying my kids several times in summer few years ago… They are definitely useful.