Fabulous Spring Time Accessory

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It’s a given that baby will get bumps and bruises from learning to walk and crawl.  Especially if you have wood floors.  We’ve been minimizing our little terrors scrapes with these hip little leg huggers from Canadian owned company Agoo.  They come in the sweetest designs and are made of eco friendly bamboo.  So cool.  Did we mention there are unbelievably affordable?  Only $10 a pair…yes really.  Our favorite pattern?  The Butterfly Meadow.  So girly, and perfect for Spring.  We like wearing ours on long family strolls too as it’s not exactly Spring like weather out there yet mama.  Save the environment and your babe’s legs at www.agoo4u.com

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Spring Time Accessory

  1. Why would they make this?? No regular mom is going to want to buy these clothes for so much money only rich folk will be able to afford this!! Like COME ON!!Just looking for some clothes for my kid not celebrity!!

  2. Sure, not everyone can afford items we blog about, however just use our suggestions as inspiration. Old navy and Gap do great Knock Offs of lots of the gear we write about. We try and promote eco friendly baby gear and mommy owned companies as much as possible too…so sometimes spending a little more helps out in other ways. Love the comment though, and thank you for your thoughts. Let us know what clothes you think we should try out.

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