Hair Clips That Impress

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All we want are hair clippies that stay put. Is that too much to ask?  Give us that one little peace of happiness and our day, no matter what is thrown at us, will be A-OK.  Nothing drives us more nuts than constantly having to adjust our little girl’s barrettes. Why oh why do we think that drug store hair accessories will work?  Does Jennifer Garner have these problems?  Thanks goodness our style spies have let us know about Bugalug, a fantastic Canadian company that makes hair clips that stay put in the most divine patterns.  They have this amazing little grippy strip that keeps it from falling out and they make their clips glue free. Love the Berry Delight set the most.  As for their pony holders…well they are the only ones that have ever stayed in my wee ones super fine hair.  Honest.  So toss out the clips that don’t work momma…who needs the drama or fuss?  Tidy up your daughter’s tresses with classy hair accessories from the experts at Bugulug at