Healthy & Yummy

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Can something really be healthy and yummy?  Until last night the answer was NO!  Then we whipped together a super easy baking mix from Kids Central Kitchen and it was almost too tasty for words.  Most baking mixes fall flat or have too much sugar to give to your children but Kids Central makes mixes with whole grains, and less fat and sugar, so your “mommy guilt” can take a break for the day.  Our three year old loved helping and the easy instructions made it a family fun activity. It was messy and delicious…all things a toddler loves. Best mix in our slightly high maintenance opinion is the Swinging Monkey Banana Bread.  Made with organic whole wheat flour and so delightful that sharing became a bit of a problem at one point.  After the kids have had some, make sure you have some “me” time when they are napping and pour a large cup of steaming tea to have with your banana bread.  Love their gift sets too…bright colored bowls and cookie cutters…perfect gift for a little chef-to-be or a tired mommy that wants to feed her kids well.  Have a look at all their scrumptious creations at  Move over Betty…there’s a new Kid in town.