Hip Sippy

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Now that it’s Spring we’re out and about so much more.  The playground may be wet and muddy but we’re not staying home.  We needed a new water bottle to take to the park and heard about the gorgeous colors Klean Kanteen has going on right now.  Love the pink and ocean blue shades the most.  So different from the everyday and completly free of any cartoon characters. I suppose though the most important thing to note about Klean’s line of really cool sippy cups is that they are eco friendly and BPA free.  No leaching dangerous chemicals to stress over, or worry about.  Perfect for our on the go lifestyle.  We chose to get ours from Parenting By Nature, a fabulous family owned company that has tons of amazing eco friendly baby products at www.parentingbynature.com.  You may just end up with more than a few sippy cups…like we did.