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Who says you need to spend tons of money for your kid’s new summer wardrobe?  Children grow way to fast to spent too much on pieces that are only relevant for a few months of the year.  However, you don’t want to sacrifice style or durability and we found that with The Children’s Place you get it all…stylish threads that can handle wear and don’t break your piggy bank.  Too fabulous.  Our favorite design has to be their Striped Pleated Dress in pink.  Very Suri Cruise if we do say so. The grosgrain ribbon sash makes this dress extra special and a  stand out at any summer BBQ or birthday party.  A definite  must have.  For our little boy we are enamoured with their little polo shirts…especially the green one with palm trees.  Perfect for our much needed beach days ahead.  We really like how easy it is to piece together a fashionable outfit.  Simplicity is style.  Have a look at what we’ll be wearing this summer…no need to be jealous as you can look just as spiffy by going to The Children’s Place


Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day

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We like to treat ourselves a little for Mother’s day.  We always pick out a little something special to enjoy on that special day.  Why not?  We’ve worked hard and we know we deserve it.  This year we thought Mama Mio would hit the spot….and we opened our treat a little early.  Couldn’t resist.  What did we indulge in?  Their multitasking rescue balm called Wonder-Full Balm and their delightful  Gravida Candle.  The Wonder Balm has been going fast around here as you can use it for your parched lips, rough elbows and cracked heals.  Can you tell we need a moisturizing miracle?   We’ve even caught the husband sneaking a squirt or two.  With all those natural oils and omega goodness it’s also perfect for little scrapes and ouchies.  The candle has been a fab addition to the nightly bubble bath too.  After the wee ones are tucked in, we need to unwind and relax.  Add a glass of delicious red, dim the lights and light up Mama Mio’s luxe little candle…don’t forget to lock the door and let daddy deal with all the post bedtime drama.  Check out the Mother’s Day deals (like a free Moisturizing Shower Cream) and brilliant body products at celeb mom fave Mama Mio. Your cracked heals will thank you.

Want to save  on your next Mama Mio order?  Click here and Celebrity Baby Clothes readers will get a gift certificate worth $10 towards their purchase.  Very fabulous.

Want to win some Wonder-Full Balm to help soften those lips?  Go to Mama Mio and tell us three ingredients they use in making their popular Wonder-Full Balm.  It’s that easy.  Email your answer to by May 8th.


Stationery That’s Sure To Impress

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With everyone “twittering” and “facebooking”  (yes, I think they are real words now), we want to know where has the hand written note disappeared to?  People with true style know the heart felt meaning of a thank you note and a birthday wish…who wants to get a birthday “tweet”?  We suggest you dust off your pens and get out the stamps mama.  Our heartfelt words are being said on cards from the fabulous Jonesy.  Their fresh and simple cards are printed with soy ink and the graphics are gorgeous.  Love the Kids Emergency kit as it has saved us from embarrassment many times already.  It comes with five different cards (10cards, 11 envelopes) that can be used for birthdays, thank you notes and really, whatever comes up.  Our favorite has got to be their sweet Bunny card.  Very classy.  Jonesy also donates 100% of the money from the purchase of cards from their Sick Kids line to the Sick Kids Foundation.  How fabulous is that?  Pretty cards, charitable donations and an eco friendly company?  Does it get any better?  So, close your Twitter window…log out of Facebook and check out the brilliant cards that Jonesy has made for you.  Now.

Shoes We Covet

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We have found over the years that you pay for what you get.  Cheap shoes equal sore feet and major tantrums.  Our solution?  Buy shoes for your tot that will stand up to the demanding test. So worth it momma.  Seriously.  Where do we shop for our wee one’s shoes?  At Vincent Shoes, darling…where else?  We have never had a problem or complaint from our toddler when she wears their hip and happenin’ styles.  Our latest obsession is their Kim  covered toe sandal and the Emma ballet flat…ohh and their Chrissy is a must have for any girl with a bit of adventure in her. The Emma is perfect for summer weddings and dress up with mommy and teddy.  Love that the strap is removable.  It lets you dress down an outfit when necessary and pair it with a twirly skirt and summer tank. Easy peasy.  So momma, when it comes to shoes, don’t think less is more.  Get the right fit, look and style,just  like us at

PS:  We had a peak at their stunning rain boots for Spring…and we want them ALL!  Greedy yes…but just wait till you see them momma!


Little Uni Has A Deal For You

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Little Uni is having a sale and we are all over it! They are having a “Buy 2 Get The 3rd at 50%off” (shirts only).  This fab sale lasts until the end of May then it makes like Cinderella’s glass slipper and disappears, so get in on the savings now.  After you place your order email them at and put SPRING in the subject line and you’ll get your discount. We still have our Little Uni tees from our first born and they look as good as new.

Hair Clips With Style

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Now that Spring is here and we are packing up those winter hats, it’s time to show off a new ‘do.  We like to update our tot’s hair style with fresh and fashionable clips and barrettes.  Our go-to place for fab hair clips is Out to Tea, a mommy owned business that makes gorgeous hair accessories for babies, children and moms too.  Such a vast variety of brilliant barrettes and clips, that choosing just a few was impossible. We were able to update our tot’s look and wardrobe with a few simple and classy clips after we made some careful selections.  No fuss and certainly easier on the wallet than a new Spring wardrobe.  Why not take this seasons trend of mismatched patterns and pair Out To Tea’s striped Avery headband with a plaid shirt and frilly skirt?  Or make a bold statement with color and have your wee one wear Tea’s Charis flower clip.  So many barrettes, so little time. Sigh.  Whatever you do, don’t play is safe…let her have fun with dressing up her hair and she just may surprise you.  Check out this delightful company and see what you have been missing at


Get Messy

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Just like our dear friend Bec, we are having a slight obsession with bibs and kid aprons lately.  Perhaps it’s because we have a tiny obsession with mess and staying clean.  Regardless, it’s been heaps of fun trying out new baby bibs and hunting for hip aprons.  Our latest celeb worthy find has us enamored with Baby Jakes, a fab mommy owned company that makes being messy very stylish.  We were lucky enough to tryout their oil cloth kid’s apron.  Love it!  It’s been perfect for keeping out tot’s outfits clean and tidy while we all bake and paint during these rainy Spring days.  It has three pockets in the front for storing baking utensils, crayons and spare cheerios. Love the bright colors and checkered patterns.  A  very simple and hip way to stay clean. Keep your wee one stain free at and check out their cool bibs too and join our endless obsession to find brilliant bibs.

Sleep Like a European

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Swaddle, bundle, wrap…it’s all a little confusing right?  Blanket…no blanket….what’s a mamma to do?  We avoided all the confusion with our Grobag, a wearable blanket from the UK that keeps our tot just warm enough and he never looses his covers (and we all sleep more soundly).  Baby sleepbags are super popular in Europe, we’ve just been a little slow to catch on…aren’t we always?  Love that we were able to choose the sleep sac according to our climate…if you live somewhere hot or cold , they make different bags for you.  There are even instruction on the back of the package to tell you what to wear with the growbag to help keep babe comfy and just warm enough. Simple as that. What else do we adore about this fab invention?  It has kept our wee one from getting too adventurous at night, and from getting stuck in his crib rails.  Next best thing?  The patterns and colors to choose from.   Go with something  funky and striped like the Lollipop or soothing and calm like the Panda Bear.  Grobags are finally available to us North Americans by checking out

If you go to their site and tell us your 3 favorite designs, we’ll enter you in a draw to win one of your own Grobags!  let us know your answer by emailing us at by Monday morning at 8am.  Good luck to you!


Best Coloring Book….Ever

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Buying coloring books has become quite an obsession in our house.  It’s the wee ones most favorite activity and we’ve become quite the coloring book snob…if that’s even possible.  We literally let out a high pitched squeal when our coveted Rosie Flo Coloring Books arrived.  If you haven’t heard of these fabulous Brit imports then crawl out from under the rock and listen up.  Rosie’s clever books contain artistic drawing s of gorgeous dresses and outfits…all your tot needs to do is add the head and limbs and color the couture like creations.  The possibilities are endless and very entertaining.  We just love the creativity these coloring books has inspired.  They are small enough to fit in your day bag or carry-on and the sturdy cover keeps it safe from getting too tattered.  Love the Garden book the most with it’s flower and plant themed dresses. Perfect for a budding artist or a little girl with fashion design in her future…or a mommy who likes to share her love of style with her little girl.  Rosie Flo does make a line of coloring books with boys in mind too, but they aren’t available in North America yet…hows that for exclusive?  Sharpen your best colored pencils and check out Miss Flo’s super chic coloring experience at