Affordable Fortunes

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Ok…we did it.  We found the perfect little gift for that baby shower you’re going to this Spring.  It’s adorable, hilarious and very useful.  Really.  We’re talking about Fortune Tootsies, these really sweet little socks that have fortunes sewn on the bottom.  They come in a Chinese takeout box and you get three very soft pairs of baby socks (two pairs of white and one red).  We usually don’t go for cute baby gear, but these socks are really funny and feel super comfy.  We think they make a brilliant baby shower gift as they would be ideal for a girl or baby boy, and they are an affordable luxury in these tough times.  Our favorite Fortune Tootsie?  The sock that says “You Will Soon Sleep Through The Night”….oh please let that be true!  Add some wisdom and luck to your wee ones toes at

Want to win some Fortune Tootsies for your baby?  Tell us three other products Present By Design sells that you just love and we’ll pick one lucky momma at random to win.  It’s really that simple.  Email us at by April 7th at midnight with your answer.  We’re waiting.