Best Coloring Book….Ever

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Buying coloring books has become quite an obsession in our house.  It’s the wee ones most favorite activity and we’ve become quite the coloring book snob…if that’s even possible.  We literally let out a high pitched squeal when our coveted Rosie Flo Coloring Books arrived.  If you haven’t heard of these fabulous Brit imports then crawl out from under the rock and listen up.  Rosie’s clever books contain artistic drawing s of gorgeous dresses and outfits…all your tot needs to do is add the head and limbs and color the couture like creations.  The possibilities are endless and very entertaining.  We just love the creativity these coloring books has inspired.  They are small enough to fit in your day bag or carry-on and the sturdy cover keeps it safe from getting too tattered.  Love the Garden book the most with it’s flower and plant themed dresses. Perfect for a budding artist or a little girl with fashion design in her future…or a mommy who likes to share her love of style with her little girl.  Rosie Flo does make a line of coloring books with boys in mind too, but they aren’t available in North America yet…hows that for exclusive?  Sharpen your best colored pencils and check out Miss Flo’s super chic coloring experience at