Best Maternity Dress For Spring & Summer

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We have been searching all over for the perfect maternity dress to keep you stylish and comfy as the weather heats up. No dear readers, we aren’t with child…we just want to make sure you stay as hip and put together as you did before you got knocked up.  Our  exhaustive search lead us to the fabulous Bump, which stands for Baby Under Manufacturing Process (cheeky, eh?).  Their Bump Tee dress and their Bump Vee dress are mommy-to-be must haves.  So soft and versatile, and they come with the signature BUMP in silver print or without.  This little black dress just screams Angelina Jolie…don’t you think?  Simple, classy and a pinch of sexy.  All things you need while your belly is expanding.  These dresses are super easy to gussy up  with a  bright scarf tied around your neck and some strappy gladiator sandals.  You’ll look ready for the red carpet…or lunch on Rodeo Drive.  Who’s a BUMP fan besides us?  Matt Damon’s gorgeous wife Luciana and mommy of three Angie Harmon.  See what we’re all fussing over at