Euro Chic

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If we could, we would pack it all up and move to the City Of Lights or get a flat with a great view of Big Ben (Wendy & Peter Pan’s clock as our 3 year old will tell you).  Since that seems unlikely, at least for the time being, we’ll have to settle for trying to look and be as cool as those fashionable European mommies.  You know the ones…they look so put together with their ballet flats, scarves tied just so and their beautiful babies never cry.  They also tend to shade their babies from the harsh sun with gorgeous parasols.  We like the look and sensibility of it all and found a fab family owned company called Shady Baby that makes the most brilliant stroller parasols in patterns that ooze style and sophistication.  They fit most strollers, are flexible and pivot easily.  Love that they are UV protected and keep you dry in the rain.  Our favorite?  Definitely the Red Ruffle Damask with it’s dramatic red shade and delicate pattern.  So toss the ill fitting blanket, and ditch the over sized golf umbrella.  Go to and infuse some stylish sun protection into your daily stroll.