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Swaddle, bundle, wrap…it’s all a little confusing right?  Blanket…no blanket….what’s a mamma to do?  We avoided all the confusion with our Grobag, a wearable blanket from the UK that keeps our tot just warm enough and he never looses his covers (and we all sleep more soundly).  Baby sleepbags are super popular in Europe, we’ve just been a little slow to catch on…aren’t we always?  Love that we were able to choose the sleep sac according to our climate…if you live somewhere hot or cold , they make different bags for you.  There are even instruction on the back of the package to tell you what to wear with the growbag to help keep babe comfy and just warm enough. Simple as that. What else do we adore about this fab invention?  It has kept our wee one from getting too adventurous at night, and from getting stuck in his crib rails.  Next best thing?  The patterns and colors to choose from.   Go with something  funky and striped like the Lollipop or soothing and calm like the Panda Bear.  Grobags are finally available to us North Americans by checking out

If you go to their site and tell us your 3 favorite designs, we’ll enter you in a draw to win one of your own Grobags!  let us know your answer by emailing us at by Monday morning at 8am.  Good luck to you!


2 thoughts on “Sleep Like a European

  1. They are soooo soft and fabulous…and the baby is sleeping better! Thanks for the comment Sheena!

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