Vintage Never Looked So Good

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Show us some vintage style for little girls and we are all over it.  Baby Bean Vintage Daywear makes absolutely gorgeous handmade dresses, bloomers and shirts from simple and classic vintage fabric. No two are quite alike and that is so rare in fashion, especially for childrens clothes these days. The patterns and cuts are so flattering that we wish they made dresses for mommies too.  Featured in Cookie and Parenting magazine, these designs are perfect for that summer wedding and make tea parties even more special.  We love the Eleanor Party Dress the most.  You can never go wrong with a wrap dress and this one is no exception.  The lining is organic and the colorful tie adds a little flare or drama depending on your style. Who do we think needs to know about Baby Bean?  Well, if Nicole Richie isn’t already dressing her little Harlow in these stunning dresses, then will someone please call her up and tell her she needs to?  We would call but we’re too busy at our tea party all dressed up.  Get some real vintage into baby’s closet at