Clever New Baby Gear From Phil & Teds

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How many times have you showed up at your favorite restaurant with your babies in tow only to find out that they don’t have a high chair available…or it’s so dirty and trashed that sitting on the floor seems more sensible?  It used to happen to us all the time till we received our fabulous Wriggle Wrapper from the ingenious folks at Phil & Teds.  It has simply made our lives easier, less stressful and a little more hip.  The Wriggle Wrapper secures your baby to their seat  or your waist for meal time.  It wraps around babe just like a diaper and fastens to the seat…so easy even daddy will find it a snap. It’s also made to help secure your baby to a single bed for times of travel.  We love that it fits perfectly into our diaper bag, and that it brings baby down to our level for meal time (high chairs can be somewhat disconnecting, can’t they?).  The Wriggle Wrap would also make a brilliant baby shower gift to a momma and daddy who already live in close quarters… skip the high chair altogether and go for this modern and fresh alternative.  It washes easily so no worries if Jr spills the carrots or rubs mushy peas onto your new gear…just toss it in the washer and you’re good as new.  Phil & Teds knows baby gear and has an A-List following to prove it.  Gwyneth Paltrow and Niomi Watts are known fans of their strollers and we’re certain they soon be toting their Wriggle Wrappers on the red carpet soon enough.

3 thoughts on “Clever New Baby Gear From Phil & Teds

  1. Love this! Is this available in Canada yet?? I’d love to get one if I could! Great idea.

  2. So glad you like it. We really trust and love Phil & Ted’s. Reviewing their baby gear is a pleasure.