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What’s one item of clothing your child can’t do without this summer?  A hoody, mommy.  Seriously, it’s the most versatile and functional piece to a kid’s wardrobe.  They keep you warm on breezy summer evenings, keep you covered when the mosquitos are nipping, and keep you dry when you run for cover during an unexpected summer rain shower.  We like the hoodies from the Euro chic Plush.  Their handmade Raf hoody is so original and our tot loves wearing it so much that she just about sleeps in it (last night we gave in…wasn’t worth the fuss!).  Love the felt giraffe applique that “peeks” around under the arm.  The modern gray shade goes with most everything in our wee one’s closet and the fabric is soft on her skin.  While browsing Plush’s other creations we just noticed their new Fink dress.  Perfect for the playground, art museum or a birthday celebration.  Oh my, those Europeans know how to make childrens clothes hip, sophisticated and functional.  Have a look at Plush and tell us what you think…and let us know what you purchased!


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