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Lately time has become a luxury we rarely find.   Two kiddies under four makes for a very busy house and finding a spare five minutes is unheard of.  Now, when we get a free moment when the two are napping, we grab a cup of tea…and a cookie….and have a bit of retail therapy. Yes…we know there is a recession on, but there are still birthday parties to shop for and everybody needs PJ’s, right?  The latest online shop to grab our stylish eye is Wild Dill.  They have the most wonderful selection of organic and eco friendly toys, clothes and bedding.  They take words like natural, recycled and fair trade to a whole new level.  We also like that it’s owned and operated by a busy mommy like us…so she knows what we need, and what we can do without.  What did we put in our shopping bag this time?  We love Under The Nileand their organic striped PJ’s, so that was an easy choice.  Then we narrowed it down to either MiYim’s organic Teddy or Cotton Monkey’s Whispering Grass Crib Sheet in blue….so we did the sensible thing and we got both.  Life is too short to stress over an obvious answer.  Next time we may just have to check out the vegan baby shoes they just got in…very hip and oh so Hollywood that we really do need them. Really.  Go organic like your stylish friends (us) at Wild Dill.