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We are a busy group of people, us mommies…aren’t we?  So when we stumble upon a creation that makes life easier and sweeter, we let out a huge sigh of relief. KidCards has done just that for us here.  They have created these amazing spiral coloring booklets that have pre drawn pictures that can be removed, colored and folded into a meaningful, homemade greeting card.  They even include the envelopes…how fabulous is that?  Your little budding artist gets to color their heart out, you get some quality time with your child and a lucky “someone” gets a personal  card.  We love the whimsical and child friendly drawings and the fact that it made our very own tot say “look what I made mamma!” (makes us tear up a little…really).

Want a little something extra, just for being a Celebrity Baby Clothes reader?  Sure ya do. Go to KidCards and click on Buy Online, then enter the Penny Promotion Code “Blogger Bonus” in the box when purchasing 2 or more books. You will get the crayon set AND watercolor paint set for 1 Penny. Brilliant!

Pssst…KidCards wants you to tell us the name of their creator and they’ll send you a free greeting card booklet! Sharpen your colored pencils and email us at celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com by May 27th at midnight to win.