Little Uni Has Us Smitten

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When you find a company you can trust for quality and top notch designs, you stick with them.  We absolutely love Little Uni and their amazingly sweet designs.  Their children’s line of tees, onsies, hats and pants are a true mix of style, originality and playfulness.  Not an easy feat to pull off, if you ask us.  Each handcrafted  piece has a sewn applique that can be personalized with your child’s name if you wish.  We kept it simple and classic and went with their heather grey tee shirt with the pink and green blossom tea pot.  Singing “I’m  A Little Tea Pot”  just got a little more fun in our house.  Our other favorite is their Cho Cho Train design.  All children have a whimsical fascination with trains, and this tee also manages to appeal to adults with it’s modern pattern and colors.  Everyone’s happy!  Have a look all their new designs and we’re sure you’ll love your Little Uni tee just as much as we do.  In fact we’re certain.


One thought on “Little Uni Has Us Smitten

  1. I have been ordering little uni tees/pants as baby gifts and then also started to get the tees for the older sib – everyone seems to love them! Their captions are really cute, and we also love the personalized names. Let’s face it – some unique names will never be found on a rack, so the personalized option is really appreciated.