Nurse With Style & Grace

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Nursing in public can be stressful.  Your baby is wiggly…your bra just won’t unhook…the blanket giving you both a little privacy is falling and you feel every eye in the coffee shop on you.  We’ve felt that way, and we’re sure a few of you do to.  Since we are such breastfeeding supporters we’re so glad we found Bebe au Lait (formerly known as the cheeky Hooter Hiders).  Our friend Andrea lent us hers and it changed our lives.  With the first baby we only really fed her at home, but armed with a gorgeous and functional nursing cover we fed baby number two just about anywhere we pleased. It offered enough coverage for mommy to feel comfortable and the rigid opening let’s you and baby look at each other, which stops baby from wiggling around.  Everyone’s happy!  Did we mention that it cames in the most modern and hip patterns?  Some are even organic if that’s your thing.  No wonder fab celeb mommies like Gwen Stefani and style icon Gwyneth Paltrow are Bebe au Lait fans.


Since we were getting a nursing cover of our own, we thought we’d try out their reversible Double Bibs too.  They have 4 sides (2 patterned and 2 terry) to protect your baby’s clothes.  How cool is that?  Wish we’d thought of it first.  With four sides to mess up with drool, peas and cookies, we pack less gear for days out.  More room in mommy’s diaper bag for Vogue and Instyle.  Bravo!

The swell folks at Bebe au Lait want you to experience their posh and very functional Double Bib too.  Email us @ and tell us 4 patterns you think look fab and stylish from their collection.  Simple.  Contest closes Monday, May,11/09.