Thalia Tells It Like It Is

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If someone lent us another “What To Expect When Your Expecting” when we were pregnant we would have thrown it at them (well, maybe just tossed it in the bin).   It’s the same old pregnancy advice over and over.  If you already know the basics you want a guild that gives you a little more and keeps you interested.  We wish we had been given Thalia : !Radiante! when we were expecting our little babies.  It’s a modern, and very hip guild to all things related to pregnancy and beyond.  Thalia, a Grammy nominated mommy of one very cute little girl has teamed up with the experts to let you in on what it’s really like to be pregnant and what you should know before, during and after.  Love the recipes (yes, we tried the “Smart Mac”  and it was yummy), her style tips and her use of the phrase “the pukes”.  So true.  Thalia’s free spirit and charm shine throughout and the practical advice from Dr Kramer Ob-Gyn makes it a must have for mommies to be.  We may not be celebrity moms, but we can live like them right?

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