Stay Hydrated, Safe & Smell Great Too

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We are always on the look out for affordable luxury here at Celebrity Baby Clothes.   Show us a way to look, smell and feel good and we’re all over it.  No surprise then, that when a box full of fabulous body and personal care products showed up on our doorstep from EO that we actually squealed with delight. Full out squeal.  EO is a wonderful family run business that makes creams, lotions,shampoos and so much more, using only the best natural and organic ingredients.  Perfect for moms that want to ensure their families are using safe and chemical free products.  With ingredients like mango seed butter, chocolate & mint and organic coconut milk, we can’t decide if we like the natural scent or the smooth hydrating results better.  We also thought we’d try their plant based hand sanitizer in French Lavender.  Love the fresh scent…who knew killing germs could smell so good and be so calming?  We used to be pretty relaxed about germs and relied on good hand washing, but with all this flu worry we are reformed hand sanitizers in this house.  Can we also just say that we love the packaging?  We know…a little shallow, but we just love the deep blue bottles and how sophisticated they make the bathroom look.

EO is having a special…15% off hand sanitizers,shower gels and foot care products. Brilliant.

Baby Sunscreen That Works

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We know sunscreen is a no brainer and a must have for all of us, but why does it have to be so darn messy?   So thrilled we discovered Baby Silk Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes from MD Moms, a brilliant baby skin care company created by two pediatricians.  They’re drenched in a soothing SPF 30 sunscreen and enriched with Vit E, B5, some cooling aloe, oats and marine silk.  With all those yummy ingredients we found these towelettes moisturizing and calming for our baby’s skin (ours too as we’ve been swiping a few here and there for ourselves).  Most importantly, they protect them from harmful UVA and UVB rays…and they smell heavenly, which to us is really important too.  MD Moms towelettes are easy to use and way less messy and sticky then lotions. Less mess makes us happy. We love products that take the hassle and stress out of parenting, and these fabulous towelettes do just that.  Bring on the sun, cause we’re ready!


Time To Get Organized Mommy

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How many hours in a lifetime do we waste digging through our purse?  Looking for soothers, debit cards, cell phones and lipsticks (you’re probably just like us and have 10 lipsticks in each purse but can never find the one you want).  Well, we just found the most fabulous and stylish way to reorganize your hectic mommy bag into a thing of simple beauty.  It’s called the PishPosh Purse Organizer and it’s saved us heaps of time already, and we’ve only been addicted to it since last week.  It’s this really brilliant little bag organizer that let’s you use your regular everyday purse as a diaper bag, so you can still look polished and chic, while you carry all of baby’s needs and your essentials too.  Hip patterns and designs to choose from, and you just drop it into whatever bag you choose to use that day.  We also have been filling it up and taking it solo on the stroller, as it’s way less bulky and we have quick access to wipes, sunscreen and yes, even our latest copy of People magazine.  We went with the pull string, however they also offer zipper styles too.  Our vote for favorite has to be the Japanese Tea Garden…although the Napa Buds is pretty fabulous too.  Too many patterns…so little time.

Want to save while you get organized?  Use coupon code CBC10 for 10% off.  You’re welcome.

Looking to own some PishPosh of your own?  Email us at and tell us your two favorite designs.  Random winner will be chosen July,30th/09 at midnight.  Good luck mamas!


Seriously Rocking Crib Wear

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yellowsub_ss_t_sp09 blondie-tank-dress-spring-09 acdc_ss_t_sp09

When we heard about Rowdy Sprout and their soft vintage rock-n-roll tees, we knew we had to check them out.  So glad we did and we’re completely impressed with their fresh take on music history.  We chose their best selling The Who tee and a classic never go out of style ACDC shirt for our wee rocker.  These fully licensed (the bands get royalties) designs are a fabulous way for us parents to relive our wild youth, while our tots get to look  too cool for words. Rowdy Sprout has a very A-List group of mommies dressing their kids up in their hip threads.  Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica and Heidi Klum are just a few of the posh mommies known to own some Rowdy.  Now they’re just as smart and stylish as we are.  Infuse some Sprout into your babe’s closet and see how much more fun it will be to sing Yellow Submarine on the way home from your next playdate.

So Euro & Stylish

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Polarn O. Pyret makes getting your tot dressed in the morning about as easy and as stylish as it gets.  These Swedes have figured out how to mesh comfortable, hip designs with classic cuts and affordability.  They hooked us with their wide striped hoodies.  So soft and durable, and we love the detachable hood.  A true classic that can be worn by your little boy or girl and passed down to younger ones. Brilliant. We also have their A-line tunic with capped sleeves and a gathered neckline.  Very sophisticated and versatile piece, as you can have your little girl wear it alone, pair it with leggings on chilly evenings or with jeans on rainy days.  What celebrities dress their tots in Polarn?  Those in the know like Tiger Woods and Minnie Driver. Smart parents.

PS…their sale continues and now you can save up to 50% off some gorgeous pieces.  Painfully stylish and a sale…does it get any better?  Well, yes it does, because if you use the special promo code VIP23 you can save 30% off items not already on sale and free shipping. 


The Well Dressed Baby Wears Egg

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Clothes that are simple yet elegant really stand out these days.  Nothing says style like a sweet  blouse and crisp pair of comfy jeans.  Perfection.  Our love of classy and modern threads for our tots has led us to the too hip to miss Egg by Susan Lazar.  What sets them apart from your average baby line is their attention to detail and the true comfort of their designs.  Their puffed sleeve smocked shirt for girls balances your daughters sweet side with her need to show some modern style…it starts young mommies.  Egg makes clothes with natural fibers and with our fragile environment in mind. If it’s super cool striped onesies you want in organic fibers, Egg has you covered.  They even have a very swanky line of maternity designs that make us wish we had a bump to dress.  Think draping necklines, comfy yet figure flattering jersey and modern takes on a classic kimono.  Are you as smitten as we are yet?  You will be, and you and your tot will look fabulous for it.

Simply Delicious

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When we started reading through Tessa Kiros’s new cookbook Falling Cloudberries:A World Of Family Recipeswe needed to stop, put it down and make a yummy snack.  The recipes and gorgeous photos of her pastas, breads and Greek dinners made our tummy grumble.  Falling Cloudberries is a journey through Tessa’s culinary adventures and upbringing. She has such a diverse background, with a Finnish mom and  Greek-Cypriot dad, and having been raised in South Africa. You can just imagine all the wonderful flavors and recipes she shares with us.  The very approachable dishes are from Finland, Greece, Italy, and South Africa.  Love how descriptive Tessa is when telling us where the recipe is from and why it means so much to her.  You can feel her love for food and family, which makes the “mom” in us adore this cook book even more.  We’ve made quite a few of her recipes since receiving the book and we just have to rave about her Grandfather’s Fried Potatoes with Artichoke Bottoms (just divine, and very easy to make).  We also made the Lemon & Oregano Chicken and can report that our very picky 3 year old asked for seconds (this never happens, so we will be making this dish a lot). The garlic bread recipe is classic and very quick to make, but ohh so much more yummy than any you’ve ever had before.  Next on our list to tackle is the Ricotta Tart with Chocolate Crust.  After all this food talk we need another snack…Gwyneth Paltrow and her new cleanse be dammed.

The lovely folks at Andrews MacMeel Publishing want you to cook like Tessa too.  Email us at and tell us the name of Tessa’s first cookbook and you will win Falling Cloudberries.  One winner at random will be chosen at midnight July 20th/09.  Bonne Chance mamas!


Play Hard & Stylish

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Now that the sun is finally shining on the east coast (a month of rain will make most mommies crazy) it’s time to get the kids outside and stay outside.  We often have a difficult time dressing our tots for all the changes and challenges of the day.  We want breathable, sun protective, comfy and stylish clothes for our children….impossible?  Not if you know where to shop, and we always do.  We have a crush on Agoo clothing and keep going back for more.  An addiction is the best way to describe it.  Their toddler skort and tank are perfect for days at the playground and water park.  The super fabulous material they use wicks away moisture, keeps the sun from burning them, and is stain resistant (bring on the grape juice and spaghetti).  The skort acts like shorts (keeps everything covered) but looks like a hip little skirt, so swing sets and slides are not off limits.  Love the cut and modern look of the tank…and the shades are sophisticated enough for mommy, and snazzy enough for your picky toddler as well.  We went with the maroon, just in case our tot took “stain resistant” to the next level.  Now if we could only convince Agoo to start making active wear for mommy too…


Be Bold

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bullseye_dress_lrg seastripe_lg

Looking for fresh new patterns in kids clothes has been our obsession lately.  We’re searching for new ways to be original and fabulous.  The other day we stumbled upon the clever and uber funky designs at Kuki Kids.  The clothing style is classic with collared shirts, simple jackets and sweet dresses.  It’s the patterns that will grab everyones attention.  Love the Bullseye Orange dress and the Pop Pop Red skirt the most.  They’re both made of really durable cotton canvas, so they will stand up to all the adventures your little one takes you on.  We also went with one of their cool bibs…to protect the gorgeous new clothes we just got from Kuki Kids.  These bibs are modern and full of attitude…bold and perfect for dinner out with the fam.  Want to hear one more reason we think Kuki rocks?  Their brilliant patterned clothes hide all the little messes of the day.  It’s more difficult to find a chocolate milk stain or a dribble of mustard on a stylish pair of striped pants than it is on a muted boring old pair of tan khakis.  We rest our case.