Be Bold

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Looking for fresh new patterns in kids clothes has been our obsession lately.  We’re searching for new ways to be original and fabulous.  The other day we stumbled upon the clever and uber funky designs at Kuki Kids.  The clothing style is classic with collared shirts, simple jackets and sweet dresses.  It’s the patterns that will grab everyones attention.  Love the Bullseye Orange dress and the Pop Pop Red skirt the most.  They’re both made of really durable cotton canvas, so they will stand up to all the adventures your little one takes you on.  We also went with one of their cool bibs…to protect the gorgeous new clothes we just got from Kuki Kids.  These bibs are modern and full of attitude…bold and perfect for dinner out with the fam.  Want to hear one more reason we think Kuki rocks?  Their brilliant patterned clothes hide all the little messes of the day.  It’s more difficult to find a chocolate milk stain or a dribble of mustard on a stylish pair of striped pants than it is on a muted boring old pair of tan khakis.  We rest our case.