Stay Hydrated, Safe & Smell Great Too

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We are always on the look out for affordable luxury here at Celebrity Baby Clothes.   Show us a way to look, smell and feel good and we’re all over it.  No surprise then, that when a box full of fabulous body and personal care products showed up on our doorstep from EO that we actually squealed with delight. Full out squeal.  EO is a wonderful family run business that makes creams, lotions,shampoos and so much more, using only the best natural and organic ingredients.  Perfect for moms that want to ensure their families are using safe and chemical free products.  With ingredients like mango seed butter, chocolate & mint and organic coconut milk, we can’t decide if we like the natural scent or the smooth hydrating results better.  We also thought we’d try their plant based hand sanitizer in French Lavender.  Love the fresh scent…who knew killing germs could smell so good and be so calming?  We used to be pretty relaxed about germs and relied on good hand washing, but with all this flu worry we are reformed hand sanitizers in this house.  Can we also just say that we love the packaging?  We know…a little shallow, but we just love the deep blue bottles and how sophisticated they make the bathroom look.

EO is having a special…15% off hand sanitizers,shower gels and foot care products. Brilliant.